Week 17 Winner - Tim!

Savage Southpaw takes home the last win of the season! Another year of NFL w/ g is in the books. Congratulations to Gwen on the season victory. She only had 3 weekly wins, but consistency paid off. Sam made a comeback to rally past BK to take second place outright. This left BK, Karen, and Kremer tied for third. No surprise seeing gayle withThe Cellar locked up and no wins on the season, but thankfully her year wasn't historically bad. BK bested Matt in LOTW thanks to Blair Walsh missing a field goal...what else is new? What a fun year!

To the playoffs! Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winners - Danny & Megan!

DK and Megan take it home this week with 14 picks! Gwen still holds the lead with one week to go. She is three clear of BK, who is just one ahead of Sam, Karen, and Kremer at T-3. Matt and Laura are two back from there. This will be an exciting final week! That is except for gayle in The Cellar. She's trailing Tim by 11, so it's unlikely she'll get out of there. Fortunately, she won't be making the history books as BK still has a lock on the worst season ever with only 139 right in 2009/10. Gwen has a chance at the season record. If she gets 14/16 next week, she'll tie Sam's record performance of 179 picks in the 2011/12 season. Can she tie the best week ever of 15/16 and set a new record? We'll see! The broken record repeats: Matt and BK go on in LOTW.

Congratulations, Danny & Megan!

Song: Title by Artist

Week 16

Merry Christmas! Let's look at picks! Unanimous: Ravens (woo!), Vikings (woo!), Lions, Patriots, Panthers, and Steelers. Solo: Danny with Miami, Buck with Tennessee, Tim with Cleveland, and gayle with Oakland. Duplicate: Emily (42) = Gwen (48) = Karen (44) = Kremer (38) = Laura (45), and Matt (42) = Sam (48). Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winners - Buck, Karen, Kremer, & Matt!

Sorry I'm so late this week...crazy busy. Quick recap: Gwen is still in front of BK by 2, who is in front of Sam by 1, with Karen and Kremer just 2 back from there. gayle shit the bed two weeks in a row going 5/16 twice and now 11 back...from SECOND TO LAST! Yes, gayle needs to make up 11 on Danny to get out of The Cellar. I think she may want to get going, lest we take a look back at the archives and see how this season may be historically bad. Matt and BK go on in LOTW...sheesh. Congrats, Buck, Karen, Kremer, & Matt!

Buck won the song and said Elizabeth picked it 

Song: John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16 by Keith Urban

Week 15

Alright let's get this going! Pick review! Unanimous: Vikings & Saints. Solo: Gayle with Chicago (oops), Cleveland, and Tampa Bay, Karen with Houston, and Sam with Miami. Duplicates: none! Emily & Laura can (separately) at best tie BK, Gwen can at best tie BK & Laura, and gayle can still win outright despite going 0 for 3 on the TNF games. Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winners - Emily & Matt!

Emily and Matt were the only ones to reach double digits this week for the win! BK and Sam continue to jockey for second place with Gwen now four out front. Karen and Kremer are just two back of Sam to get on the podium. Gayle had a rough week only getting 5 right. She is now alone in The Cellar and three back from Danny. There are only three weeks to go! Can someone in the middle of the pack make a push? Probably not. Nobody really cares at this point, but Matt and BK continue on in LOTW. Congratulations, Emily and Matt!

Song: Christmas Vacation by Mavis Staples

Week 14

Well a new week is here, so let's look at picks. Unanimous: Bills, Bengals, and Patriots. Solo: Sam with the Ravens and Emily with the Redskins. Duplicates: none! Not only, that, but anybody can still win outright this week! How exciting! Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winners - Buck & Danny!

Ten Dimes and Lt. Dan take home the W with 14 right this week! Only Sam has also gotten 14 right this year (Week 12). But what does this all mean? Well, for starters, Danny is finally out of The Cellar. Yes, yes...you see his mother took pity on him, so now gayle is down there all alone. Don't get too comfortable, though...she's only one behind Danny and Emily. Gwen is continuing her dominance, now two picks ahead of Sam, who is 2 ahead of Billy, who is 1 ahead of Karen. It's a tight race at the top with only four weeks to go! BK and Matt continue on in LOTW. Congratulations, Buck and Danny!

Song: Take a Knee My Ass by Neal McCoy

Week 13

Week 13 is here! Let's look at picks! Unanimous: Titans, Jaguars, Chargers, Raiders, and Steelers. Solo: Gayle with Tampa Bay and Buffalo. Duplicate: Karen (44) = Laura (45). After the Thursday game, Buck can at best tie Danny and Kremer can at best tie BK, Danny, and Megan. Everyone else can still win outright. Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winners - Emily, Karen, Kremer, Laura, Matt, Megan, & Sam!

Congratulations *deep breath* Emily, K-Sand, Kremer (hasn't won for so long I forgot his nickname), L.A. Woman, Meggles, and Mr. Emoticon...or should I just list the six that didn't win? I guess only Laura doesn't have a sister to kiss for that big ol' tie. Karen and Sam tied on the first tiebreaker, so we had to go to the second tiebreaker for the song for the first time this season. And, well, of course Sam had his picks in before Karen...he always does...I checked...I have a timestamp of everyone's picks for this and last season.

In fact, Sam is usually in the first couple and Karen in the last couple, which I'm sure isn't shocking anyone reading this. Karen did try to get her picks in before Sam a couple times. Back on November 20, 2016, Sam only got his picks in before Karen by 5 minutes and 24 seconds. That almost certainly means they were entering and/or researching at the same time. But the week before on November 13, 2016, Karen came close.

It was a lovely fall morning - a high of 62 in Minneapolis that day. Karen sips her coffee as she reviews her picks, still wondering if anyone at work knew it was her that crop dusted the breakroom Friday. At nearly the same time Sam is also doing his picks, slurping his coffee asswell. He laughs at a dirty joke from Saturday night and clicks submit. Did Karen ponder her situation 31 seconds too long? Because that was the closest she ever got to getting her picks in before him. Just 31 seconds delayed.

Just think, Karen...if only you held that fart for the bathroom, you wouldn't have delayed that extra bit thinking about it. I guess we can all learn something from this.

Or maybe just not wait until the last second, because this week she was 3 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes, and 58 seconds after him. But who's counting? Wait, what is this a website for again?

Oh yeah I should mention two more things. BK and Matt go on in LOTW and Kremer finally got a win (I guess) after 30 weeks of...is it correct to say futility here? Probably.

Song: Footloose by Kenny Loggins

Week 12

Thanksgiving is over...Christmas is coming...let's look at picks. Unanimous: Vikings (woo!), Chiefs, Bengals, Falcons, Patriots, Eagles, Panthers, Jaguars, and Steelers...yikes, 8 of today's 13 games are unanimous. Solo: Buck with the Giants (haha) and Broncos, Gayle with the 49ers, and Danny with the Texans. Duplicate: Emily (42) = Matt (34) = Megan 42), Gwen (48) = Tim (40), and Karen (38) = Kremer (43) = Laura (45) = Sam (40). This week is messy. Only Danny and Gayle have the opportunity for a solo win. Billy can't win as he matches Karen, Kremer, Laura, and Sam who went perfect on Thursday. Buck can at best tie Karen, Kremer, Laura, and Sam. Emily and Matt can at best tie Karen, Kremer, Laura, Matt, Megan, and Sam. This could be a high scoring week, and five still have a potential Perfect 16, but with this many unanimous picks it could also be a reeeeaaaalllly low winning score, too. Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Buck & Karen!

Ten Dimes and K-Sand take it home this week! This finally gets Karen of the schneid and she gets to pick the song. Now it's just Kremer on the winless journey...30 weeks and counting! Congratulations on your achievement! Gwen is still in first by three picks over Sam, who is ahead of BK by one. Kremer, Tim, and Karen are trailing BK by three in fourth. Danny is still along in The Cellar, now two picks behind Emily. BK and Matt continue in LOTW. That's the news for this week. Congratulations, Buck and Karen!

Song: A Turkey Dance by The Learning Station

Week 11

Hey hey! Week 11 is here, so let's look at picks. Unanimous: Pittsburgh (woo!), Minnesota, Kansas City, and New Orleans. Solo: Tim with Chicago, Matt with Cleveland, Buck with Cincinnati, and BK with Dallas. Duplicates: none! Anyone can win outright this week and there are some split match-ups! Get your sheets marked up!!! Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winners - Billy & Sam!

Congratulations BK and Mr. Emoticon! I'm late getting this going this week, so I'm going to keep it brief. Gwen is now just 2 ahead of BK and Sam with Kremer 3 behind them. Danny is still in The Cellar, but only by one pick now. Matt and BK go on in LOTW. Sam won the tiebreaker for the song this week. Stay crispy!

Song: Hot to Trot by Wild Cherry

Week 10

Hey thanks, everybody for getting your picks in early! Let's take a look at 'em! Unanimous: Lions, Steelers, Texans, and Panthers. Solo: Danny with the Bengals and Broncos. Duplicates: none! Gayle can at best tie Kremer and Megan and Gwen can at best tie Buck, but other than that, everyone else can still win outright this week! Well...except probably Karen and Kremer because, c'mon the streak is going to live on. Matt and BK have different picks this week for LOTW, so it could end...we'll see! Skol Vikings!

Week 9 Winners - Danny & Matt!

DK & Matt take it home with the only double digits this week! Even with the win, DK is still in The Cellar. But hey, he gets to pick the song and is on his honeymoon...Karma is wonderful! Matt jumped from 8 to 2 this week! He's one pick ahead of Billy, Sam, and Kremer. I should probably mention Gwen, too...she's pulling away. 5 picks out in front...8 weeks to go...can she hold the lead? LOTW goes on between Matt and BK. Congratulations, Danny and Matt! Married life is suiting you boys well!

Song: John Cena's Theme Music

Week 9

Well we all got an extra hour last night, so let's look at some fresh picks: Unanimous: Eagles and Seahawks. Solo: Gwen with the Jets (bam!), Gayle with the Bengals, Matt with the Colts, and Megan with the Buccaneers. Duplicates: none! Sam can at best tie Gwen because of Thursday, but other than that everyone else can win outright this week! And yes! Even Karen and Kremer!

Enjoy Vikings Bye Week!

Week 8 Winners - Billy, Gwen, & Tim!

BK, Lemon Drop, and Savage Southpaw score a Perfect 13 Week for the win! I say "Perfect 13" because it's only 13 games total and it's been done before (Buck even had a Perfect 15 Week, but still nobody has had the coveted Perfect 16 Week). Gwen literally could not have done better this week as she got the point total exactly right. Wow, she definitely deserves to pick the song! Gwen now increases her hold on first to 4 picks over BK in second who is 2 ahead of Sam, Megan, and Tim at T-3. LOTW continues between BK and Matt.

I was going to do more digging into stats, but then I was like, "Hey, Danny's getting married this weekend, so maybe he should get a little spotlight."

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are leaking in The Cellar. If Gwen mysteriously disappeared, missed the wedding and (more importantly) her NFL w/ g picks, she could still reappear Tuesday, confident she's still ahead of Danny in the rankings. Ah, but it's only another 13-game week ahead, you say? Moot point. If it was a full 16-game week it would still be true. Danny is 17 picks out of first place and 4 from second to last. It's dark. Is Kelly aware of how poorly you're doing, Daniel? Sure we can almost hear wedding bells, but they're not ringing yet.......

Ok, that was a little mean,  so now I should say something nice and end on a good note, right? We're not half way there yet, sweeties. Don't get too down in the dumps, D! There, that's pretty nice. Oh, and Gwen...don't get too high on your horse. Week 9 crosses the halfway point and puts us on the backside of the season. Maybe when Danny isn't so busy tinkering with his bow tie, he'll get better at not losing. Wait...that was mean again, wasn't it? Well, I've already gone on too much, so we'll just have to end it with that. Sucks to suck.

Song: Just My Imagination by The Temptations

Week 8

Week 8 is here, the Vikings are having celebratory tea and crumpets, so let's look at picks. Unanimous: Vikings (woo!), Eagles, Patriots, Bengals, and Chiefs. Solo: Buck with Chicago and Sam with Houston. Duplicate: Billy (41.5) = Gwen (48) = Tim (29) and Karen (38) = Kremer (43) [hahaha...guess they're teaming up to extend their streak this week]. Laura can't win as she matches Karen and Kremer but picked Miami. Gayle can at best tie Billy, Gwen, and Tim. Matt can at best tie Emily, Karen, and Kremer. Sam can at best tie Megan. Matt's safe for another week of LOTW with his Vikings pick. If the Bengals lose to the Colts, he wins it all! Oh, wait...he hasn't paid his entry fee yet...uh oh....

Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winners - Buck & Gwen

Ten Dimes and Lemon Drop take it home with 12 picks this week! Gwen now has first by 2 picks over Sam, who is two ahead of Billy and Megan. There's separation happening, and it's getting dark in The Cellar. Danny needs to make up 3 picks on Emily to not wear the dreaded 13! Matt and Billy will march on in LOTW. Karen and Kremer continue their winless streak...26 weeks...

The Vikings are playing in London next week, so let's put a shrimp on the barbie! Congrats, Buck and Gwen! Gwen won the tiebreaker for song.

Song: The Star-Spangled Banner by Faith Hill

Week 7

Week 7 is here, so let's take a look at picks! Unanimous: Vikings, Titans, Seahawks, and Eagles. Solo: Buck with Oakland, and Karen with Cincinnati. Duplicates: none...except Laura can't win as she matches Buck from here out and picked KC on Thursday. Tim can at best tie Buck as they differ on the Super Bowl rematch Sunday night. It's gonna be a fun week! Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winners - Billy & Matt!

BK and Matt take it home with only 8 picks this week! Yikes. They are also the only two remaining in LOTW as Gwen and Sam were let down by the Broncos this week. Exciting! Danny is still the lone denizen of The Cellar and 4 picks clear of second-to-last. Through six weeks, he's one of three that hasn't gotten to 50 yet for the year...ouch. It's kinda ugly this year, guys. What's up with that? Congratulations, Billy & Matt! Matt won the tiebreaker and gets the song again this week.

Song: The Ground Walks with Time in a Box by Modest Mouse

Week 6

It's game time! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, New England, Washington, and Denver. Solo: Billy with Pittsburgh. Duplicate: Karen (46) = Tim (39), but they can at best tie gayle because of the Thursday game, Gwen (48) = Laura (46), but they can't win because they match Matt besides the Eagles win. Sam can at best tie Buck and Matt. So some of you are watching with no hope this week. Have fun! Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winners - Buck & Tim!

Ten Dimes and Savage Southpaw log the first single digit winning score of the year! Yikes! Tim is now just two back of Sam and Gwen in first. Half of us are within 2 picks of first...this is a very close start. And speaking of not close starts, Danny is still in The Cellar. Like really badly. The leader board totals go 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, ...40. Do you see? He's losing ground on everybody? Ok...we'll get back to this badly beaten horse next week.

In other news we have quite a little NFL w/ g record going. Karen and Kremer...does the number 24 mean anything to you? Hours in a day? Former FOX show? Days in February on a very wrong calendar? All true, but also the number of consecutive weeks without a win for these two. December 19th, 2015...they both got 14/16 right. That's very good! Then it got dark...and the lights haven't come back on yet. So for those keeping score, the previous drought record was gayle with 22 weeks. Now I know you can't win them all, but Karen and Kremer can't seem to win any. 24 and counting...

So for more sunshine and rainbows...Lock of the Week got ugly you guys. Buck, Danny, Emily, Gayle, Karen, Kremer, and Tim are all out. Seriously...only 1 LOTW pick correct this week (me). Just Billy, Gwen, Matt, and Sam remain!

Congratulations, Buck and Tim! Tim won the first tiebreaker, so he's asking for a melody.

Song: Piano Man by Billy Joel

Week 5

Wow, what a fun Friday/Saturday! Ok...let's be honest now...who all had a tight helmet Saturday morning? We'll hold off from naming names, but I think we can all say we had a pretty good time...

Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Steelers. Solo: gayle with Arizona. Duplicate: Buck (42) = Tim (34). Everyone but those two can still pull off a solo win, too. What an exciting start to the week. Skol Vikings!

Week 4 Winner - Matt!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy...look what we have here...Matt gets his second win of the year! Ladies and gentlemen...we may have a power couple forming here. A total of 4 wins in 4 weeks between the two about to change their marital statuses on tax forms! I don't like where this is going...

Speaking of where things are going...hey, Danny! Tell Kelly her that her fiancé is in The Cellar. You are now 9 picks out of first. That's almost double digits! Sam is holding first place for the third straight week...can he keep it up? It's close at the top with four people all within one pick.

Congratulations, Matt! Let's go get you ma-ay-ay-rried!

Song: Going to the Chapel of Love by The Dixie Cups

Week 4

Oh, hello! It's time to look at picks. Unanimous: Packers (woo?), Patriots, Vikings, Falcons, Bengals, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Chiefs. (Holy crap. That's half the picks this week. So we'll know the winners by the end of the afternoon games since SNF & MNF are unanimous. You guys are all point spread watchers. I know, because we can spot our kind. What ever happened to picking by better "outfits"? Or against the coach whose haircut you thought was terrible (i.e. Jon Gruden1). You all have resorted to Vegas odds makers' expertise in making money on suckers who think they can beat them. You have become reasonable, rational game pickers. Boooooring.)2 Solo: Gayle with the Rams, and Danny with the Raiders. Duplicate Buck (47) = Tim (37). And in eliminations and such:
     Laura can at best tie Sam.
     Gayle is eliminated as she loses to Kremer if she goes perfect from here.
     Karen is eliminated as she loses to Sam if she goes perfect from here.

This could be an interesting week. With all the unanimous picks, the winning score could be very impressive or very dismal. (I hope it's dismal, you sheep.) Skol Vikings!

1. Image result for jon gruden haircut
2. It doesn't count as a rant if it's in parentheses. 

Week 3 Winners - Megan & Sam!

Meggles and Mr. Emoticon get it done with only 10 picks this week! What is going on, people? Getting 6 picks wrong and winning?! That's the worst since a Week 17 four-way tie with 10/16 in 2015/16, but still not as bad as when Billy, Danny, and Megan all got 8 (out of 16) wrong and tied for the win in Week 2 of 2015/16. That was a rough one! Danny is the first person to get 10 picks wrong in a week since Tim only got 4/14 in Week 10 last year. Brutal! How about Megan and hot starts, though? Through the first 3 weeks the last two seasons, she racked up 5 wins. She's quite the sprinter in this marathon...good luck with that.

What else, what else, what else? Oh yeah...The Cellar. Buck now has some company with Danny joining him down there. They're doing poorly.

And speaking of poorly....are you there, Laura? You made it to Week 9 in LOTW last year, but you now have to shamewalk out of the race as First Loser this year...ouch. Is it just me, or does capitalizing First Loser make it feel meaner? I like that.

Back to the winners - and boy are they winning...two wins each in the first three weeks. Sam took the first tiebreaker this week. Cover your pick sheet going forward, Sam...I wouldn't trust those other Savagians (Savagites?) around it!

Song: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

Week 3

Is everyone ready to go? Alrighty, then...let's look at picks. Unanimous: Ravens (oops), Eagles, Steelers, Patriots, & Packers. Solo: Megan with the Jets, Buck with the Bills, and Gayle with the Chargers. Duplicate: Billy (46.5) = Kremer (43) = Laura (38), Emily (49) = Gwen (45). Nobody is eliminated yet this week.

In other early news, with Baltimore getting destroyed by Jacksonville, Matt is now the 7th person living on a prayer in LOTW. Skol Vikings!

Week 2 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon takes home the first solo victory of the year! This also puts him alone in first place. Oh, sweet Sammy boy...from worst to first...but can it last??? And switching categories to first to worst...Buck gets to be the first lucky tenant of The Cellar. Last year's co-champion is now the cellar dweller. I'm going to need a security deposit and first and last month's rent...and don't count on getting that deposit back.

Everyone survived Week 2 of LOTW...still six of you are already living on a prayer...Also, I changed the pick format slightly for LOTW so that you shouldn't be able to select a team you've already picked. If you see an error, please let me know as each selection set is unique to each of you. I know, fancy shit, right? Pretty sure I can keep those plates spinning, but we should all be diligent just in case.

Yeah...that didn't exactly work...maybe next time

Remember, there's a Sunday morning game this week. That pick will be due with the Thursday pick.

Song: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Week 2

Here we go! Let's look at picks! Unanimous: Cincinnati (oopsy), Baltimore, Tampa Bay, New England, Kansas City, Oakland, and Seattle. You all can figure it out from there...I gotta go, but I promise this will be better next week.

Week 1 Winners - Gwen, Matt, & Megan!

Lemon Drop, Two Fish, and Meggles take it down to start the year. Remember last year, Megan started on a tear, winning the first three weeks (2 outright). Can she get off to a hot start again this year. She also won the tiebreaker for the song this week and gets to be the first DJ! Not really a lot else to say with it being the first week and all. We'll wait at least one more week before we start taunting The Cellar. Here's to the start of a fun year!

Song: It Ain't My Fault by Brothers Osborne

Week 1

Here we go! Sorry not enough time for a write-up this morning.

Welcome Back!

We're back for year 12! A dirty dozen! Can you dig it?!