Week 17

Oh boy! Here we go! What's up with picks? Unanimous: Patriots, Giants, Bengals, Steelers, Chiefs, and Broncos. Solo: Sam with the Saints and Seahawks, Megan with the Buccaneers, Matt with the 49ers, and Buck with the Packers. Duplicates: DK (38) = Gayle (44) and Kremer (46) = Laura (48). Now let's look at possible outcomes for the whole banana, not just this week. Here's how it breaks down: BK can win outright, Gwen can win outright, Laura can at best tie with Karen for the win, Matt can tie Gwen for the win, and Tim can win outright. Kremer, being 2 back can at best tie for third. And one more note...watch out Megan! If the Jets, Titans, Texans, and Buccaneers win, you picked the worst Craigslist ad as gayle's roommate in The Cellar! Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winners - Gwen & Tim!

Lemon Drop and Savage Southpaw take the W as husband and wife (barf)! This marks Gwen's fifth win! Ladies and gentlemen and Danny, we have a barn burner! Karen has taken the outright lead with Laura, Billy, Gwen, and Tim only one back! Kremer is two back and Matt three. To the others, "Good job! Good effort!" On the other side, gayle is no longer renting The Cellar, she has made a down payment and has a 30 year mortgage. It's hers to keep unless Megan decides not to play Week 17. Also, Kremer won Underdog Challenge! Congratulations Gwen & Tim! Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother...

Week 16

Gettin' down to the nitty gritty! Let's look at dem picks! Unanimous: Lions, Steelers, Bills, Panthers, Chiefs, Seahawks, Vikings. Solo: Megan with Chicago. Duplicate: Karen (46) = Kremer (38). Ties/eliminations: DK can at best tie BK, Laura matches Karen & Kremer so she can't win, and Sam can at best tie Gwen, Karen, Kremer, and Tim. Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winners - Karen & Kremer!

K-Sand and Robohip go big with 14 picks this week! This move bumped Karen past BK into second, only trailing Laura by one. Kremer also gained a spot, now T-4 with BK, 3 picks of the lead. With eighth place 8 back with only two weeks to go, it seems the peloton is down to 7. Gayle picked up one on Megan, but is still three back to get out of The Cellar. Only 32 picks left! Congrats, Karen & Kremer!

Week 15

Week 15 is here. Let's take a look at the tea leaves. Unanimous: Patriots, Chiefs, Vikings, Packers, Seahawks, Bengals, and Steelers. Solo: DK with Atlanta, Tim with Philadelphia, and Buck with Detroit. Duplicate: Karen (50) = Kremer (36). We have a couple early eliminations to report. BK can at best tie Gwen, Gayle can't win as sweeping the rest makes Gwen win, Laura can't win because she matches Karen and Kremer, and Matt can at best tie Karen and Kremer. Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon registers his fourth win! Things are heating up! With only 3 weeks left, there's now some separation up top. Is someone in the top 4 going to win, or is there still time for a dark horse? Attention, there is a game on Saturday, so there will be 2 picks due by Thursday night. And speaking of The Cellar, gayle has 3 weeks to get 26 picks and tie BK for the worst season ever. That's right...in the 08/09 season BK only got 139 picks correct. Yikes! Congratulations, Sam! What a wonderful win!

Week 14

Here we go! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Jets & Chiefs. Solo: Gayle with the Vikings (oops) and Ravens and Sam with the Raiders. Duplicate: none! Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winner - Karen!

K-Sand takes the win and vaults 3 places to a tie for the lead! Laura also closed the gap on BK and we have three leaders! There's now a 3-pick barrier to first place, so it's really coming down to the wire. Speaking of things not coming down to the wire, <AlliterationTime> gayle's stinky selections sunk her steeply in The Cellar. It would take some serious serendipity to somehow skyrocket from this slump. </AlliterationTime>Congratulations, Karen! (ok, one more) It's time for a house party!

Week 13

Happy Football Day! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Vikings, Bears, Patriots, Panthers, and the Washington football team. Solo: Gayle with the Rams and Browns, Tim with the Ravens, and Buck with the Colts. Duplicate: Kremer (34) = Laura (48). And as far as repercussions from Thursday's game, because the Packers beat the Lions, Gwen can at best tie Danny, Megan can at best tie Buck and Danny, Sam can't win because of Karen, and Tim can at best tie Billy. Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winner - Gwen!

Lemon Drop takes home her fourth win! She's now tied for second with Laura and only one pick of BK in the lead. We still have 8 within five picks of the lead. Gayle is starting to scratch the door of The Cellar; she's now just 3 picks behind Sam. Five weeks to go...80 picks left...what's gonna happen? Shut up and dance! Congrats, Gwen!

p.s. Did anyone see how MNF ended? I went to bed early and can't remember which team Tim picked. Hmm...

Week 12

Here we go! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Green Bay (oopsy), Cincinnati, New York Jets, and Arizona. Solo: Tim with Atlanta, Gayle with Tennessee, and Danny with a whale's va...er...San Diego. Duplicate: Buck (41) = Kremer (32). Sam can at best tie Buck, Karen, and Kremer and Tim can at best tie Gwen. Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winner - BK!

First. Place. *mike drop*

Week 11

Here we go! Picks...unanimous: Vikings, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Patriots (no early games). Solo: Matt with Tennessee (oops) and BK with Denver. Duplicate: Gwen (45) = Laura (48) and Karen (50) = Kremer (46). Because of the Thursday game, Matt can at best tie Gwen and Laura. Everyone else has a chance of a solo win. Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winners - Buck, Danny, Gwen, Matt, & Sam!

Here we go again...congratulations Ten Dimes, Lt. Dan, Lemon Drop, Two Fish, and Mr. Emoticon! But really, who feels good about that? I mean 6 picks wins? It's now back to back weeks where nobody hit double digits. Gwen did pick up to picks on Laura to only be one out of first. Gayle picked up one on Megan to hold The Cellar by only three picks. Week 11 will be the last week with byes, so after 14 games in the coming week, we'll have 16 per week to make up ground. There are 9 people within four picks of the top spot. Will someone make a move down the stretch? We'll see. Congrats, "winners."

Week 10

I overslept a bit. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Packers, Rams, Steelers, Broncos, and Bengals. Solo: Gayle with the Titans, Danny with the Dolphins, and Sam with the Jaguars. Duplicates: none! Gwen can at best tie Buck, Karen can tie BK, Kremer can tie Matt, and LA & Megan can't win because if they get the rest right, BK wins. Skol Vikings!

Week 9 Winners - Buck & Matt!

Congratulations to Ten Dimes and Two Fish! It was a rough week - the second time this year nobody managed double digits. But Week 2 was worse because 0.500 won. We're almost done with bye weeks. Just this week and next and we're back to 16 games per week. Thank goodness! Well, I guess it should be mentioned...Gayle is the lone winless bunny...and seems to have found permanent residence in The Cellar. She's four picks behind Megan in 11th place. Yikes. Laura has firmed her lead, now three picks ahead of Gwen and Karen in 2nd. So to recap...we have our lady bookends with Laura, Gwen and Karen at the top and Megan and Gayle at the bottom, and our guys 4 through 10 absolutely DOMINATING the race for mediocrity. Way to shoot for the middle, fellas! Congratulations, Buck and Matt! Everything really is awesome!

Week 9

And here we go! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Bengals (woo!), Patriots, Saints, Vikings, Jets, and Falcons. Solo: Gayle with Tampa Bay, and Buck with Indianapolis and Chicago. Duplicate: Billy (49) = Danny (48) = Kremer (38) = Tim (48). It's Touch Down Teddy Time! Skol Vikings!

Week 8 Winners - BK, Buck, Gwen, Karen, Kremer, Laura, Megan, & Tim!

*deep breath* Congratulations, BK, Ten Dimes, Lemon Drop, K-Sand, Robohip, L.A. Woman, Meggles, and Savage Southpaw! *and exhale* Maybe it's easier to mention that DK, Gayle, Matt, and Sam didn't win. I don't feel like doing the research, but 8 ties has gotta be a record. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the U.S. Sport's Equinox! On Sunday,  each major American menís sports league had an event going on. There was a World Series game, 12 NFL games, 7 NBA games and 5 NHL games on the calendar. It was the 15th such event in history. But congrats - I guess - to almost everyone. Is that really a win?

Week 8

Hi. Football. Yeah. It's time. Picks. Unanimous: Patriots (shocker), Falcons, Rams, and Vikings. Solo: Gayle with Cleveland and Dallas, Matt with San Diego and Tennessee, and Tim with Denver and Indianapolis. Duplicate: BK (47) = Karen (50) = Kremer (38) = Laura (48) = Megan (48). Because of picking Detroit (and as of this writing the game is ongoing, but c'mon), Gwen & Sam can at best tie BK, Buck, Karen, Kremer, Laura, and Megan. What a week! Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winner - Matt!

Two Fish logs his second win and moves up to a tie for first place! Matt now has his second win, joining DK, Sam, and Tim as multiple winners in the Decennial of NFL w/ g. Yes, Decennial...get over it. Yet, Buck and Kremer join the ranks of those who can't top the charts. Hell, even Creed managed 4 number 1 hits on their first album. Creed! Ugh...I digress. BK took his first loss on LOTW, so it's him, DK, Karen, and Tim in a single elimination showdown. Speaking of Tim, he dropped four spots from T-2 all the way down to T-6. But if we're going to mention failure, we need to bring this back around to our Commish. This is now the fifth straight week of g being the sole resident of The Cellar. That means she had to mail her second month's rent! Congratulations, Matt! The band he chose is on a mission from God.

Week 7

Week 7 is under way! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Washington, Atlanta, Indianapolis, St. Louis, New England, New York Giants. Solo: Buck with the 49ers (oops), Gwen with the Jaguars, Sam with the Lions, Megan with the Texans, and Matt with the Ravens. Duplicate: BK (49) = DK (39) = Karen (48) = Kremer (32) = Laura (48)...yikes! Also of note is that Buck can't win because if he runs the table Sunday and Monday, all those sheep that tied "win." Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winner - Tim!

Savage Southpaw takes it home this week and jumps 6 spots to T-2! Only 3 people hit double digits this week (BK, Kremer, and Tim)...yikes! It looks like Gayle booked the extended stay rate for The Cellar. Laura is hanging on to her lead by 2 picks. Sam dropped 4 spots, and Megan 3. Even with Megan's drop, she has a comfortable buffer of 4 picks over Gayle. There are 6 people within 3 picks of Laura, so it's still a tight race. BK, DK, Karen, and Tim are still left in LOTW. Congrats, Timmy, but your song choice makes me take Ike's side.

Week 6

The Vikes are back off their bye week and look to take it to the Chiefs. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Falcons (oops), Jets, Vikings, Seahawks, Packers, and Patriots. Solo: Tim with Pittsburgh and Sam with Cleveland. Duplicate: Laura (48) = Matt (48)...now that's just annoying. In other news, Buck is the latest victim in LOTW, so that just leaves BK (0 loss - Jets), DK (1 loss - Vikings), Karen (1 loss - Vikings), and Tim (1 loss - Packers). Let's see what the week brings. Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winner - Laura!

Congrats to L.A. Woman for the solo win! This now puts her in the solo 1 spot! There was a bit of movement this week. Due to jumping into a tie, BK "gained"(?) 3 spots. DK jumped 2 spots, now tied with Matt in second. Gwen slid three spots from the lead to T-4 with Karen, and Buck, Megan, and Tim dropped 2. We're five weeks in, and 9 of the 12 of us have a win...what's going on Buck, Gayle, and Kremer??? Gayle is making a nice home for herself in The Cellar. The Vikings bye week is now behind us. It's game day every week for the rest of the season. Congratulations, Laura! Although, her song choice is Drag Me Down by One Direction. In first place...drag me down...one direction...do you see? That's passive-aggressive speak for JIIIIINNNNNNNXXXXXXX!

Week 5

Well, Week 5 is well on its way, so we'll just leave it at that.

Week 4 Winners - Karen & Matt!

K-Sand and Two Fish grab a W with 11 right this week. (more commentary to come later...and I broke our logo while at work...better fix that, too)

Week 4

Short on time, let's look at picks. Unanimous: Colts, Falcons, Packers, Cardinals, and Seahawks. Solo: Buck with the Giants and Buccaneers, Megan with the Chiefs, and Sam with the Browns. Duplicate: none! Sorry, though, Gwen...if you get the rest of your picks right, Matt wins. If Kremer goes perfect on Sunday and Monday, at best he can tie Danny and Matt. Everyone else can be a solo winner. Skol Vikings!

Week 3 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon takes the first solo win of the year. Sam is now in rarefied air of most correct picks in a week. Yes...you read that correctly. From most wrong in a week EVER (solo title, btw) to tying the highest weekly total ever. Some may call it a Horatio Alger story (Google it, dummies), but others may call it a stopped watch...right twice. Either way, only Sam and DK have two wins so far. And another in the "so far" category, g is the first one to take solo dibs on The Cellar. Since she gets first shot at decoration, Vegas odds are on plain, neutral-colored walls with leopard accents (nothing symmetrical). Not to root against Laura, but we're going to need some color down there eventually. But hey...even #1 is only 4 away from down there, so you never know if Gwen may get her hands on it for some kind of remodel (Matt, Tim...you know what that means for you guys (insert Price is Right loss sound here)). Congrats, Sam! You Jumped 6 places on the leader board.

Week 2 Winners - Billy, Danny, & Megan!

Congratulations, BK, Lt. Dan, and Meggles! You were a cut above the rest this week. Danny jumped to the early lead, and BK and Megan both gained 5 spots. Hey, Sam...you're supposed to pull the ripcord before you smash into the Home Depot parking lot. We should address this. Sam is now the all-time worst week chumpion with 3 wins. 3 wins. 3. Seriously.....3. That ties BK's worst week from the 08/09 season...but that was with only 14 games. Nobody has EVER had the foresight to incorrectly pick 13 games! Congratulations, Sam. But I digress. The homepage is supposed to be - as Fox News would say - fair and balanced. So with that in mind, what is with the high level of stink in LOTW??? The effort you put into your picks reminds me of Hillary Clinton...as sincere as a lap dance.* Two of you are even out before you paid in! What is this, Social Security??? #ThanksObama

But, yeah...congrats to the winners, and thanks to Lt. Dan for the song.

*Thank you, Colin Quinn, for the best simile ever

Week 2

Here we go again! Game time! Let's take a peak at picks. Unanimous: Saints, Rams, Ravens, Colts. Solo: Megan with San Francisco, Karen with Detroit, Gayle with Jacksonville, and Sam with Seattle (I really thought there would be more Seattle picks). Duplicate: none! That's rare! Only BK and Gwen picked Denver Thursday, but nobody is out of the running for a solo win. It's Touchdown Teddy Time! Skol Vikings!

Week 1 Winners - Danny, Gwen, Sam, & Tim!

Lt. Dan, Lemon Drop, Mr. Emoticon, and Savage Southpaw win the first week of our 10th anniversary! It was a slow start this year; I think we're all still trying to see what these teams are really made of. Hopefully those Vikings pick it up a bit. Thanks to Sam for this week's music pick. The wind begins to howl!!

Week 1

In case you're not aware. This week marks our 10th year of NFL w/ g! There are going to be some special touches going forward (and maybe a few Easter Eggs...). But now for the important part...Picks! Unanimous: Patriots, Packers, Jets, Broncos, Cowboys, Vikings. Solo: Gwen with Washington and Matt with Oakland. Duplicates: Gayle (44) = Laura (48). Skol Vikings!

Football is Back!

Welcome back everybody! Yes, there have been a few changes. The most obvious change is we are officially nflwithg.com! Some other changes...well, instead of forcing you to quickly mute your computer at work/school when the music comes on, you have the option to turn the music on (note: popups must be enabled). The old frames page is gone. I'm testing the site's mobile webpage formatting. If you access from a mobile device, you should be redirected. You can easily navigate to the full site via a link at the bottom. Who's ready?!