Week 17

This is it! Week 17! Here we go! Unanimous: Baltimore, Indianapolis, Houston, Miami, Denver, and Seattle. Solo: Tim with Washington and Chicago, Buck with Tampa Bay, and Megan with Detroit. Duplicate: Billy (48) = Karen (52), Gayle (47) = Laura (48), and Gwen (48) = Kremer (55). Billy only differs with Kremer by one, so he can't catch him. Since Karen and Billy have the same picks, she can't catch Billy. Laura and Billy differ by 2 picks, so Laura can still jump into second, but only differs with Kremer on one, so can't catch him. The only person with a chance to catch Kremer???? The dark horse is Tim! He's back in fifth place, but differs on 6 picks with Kremer. This is so exciting! Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon racks up his third win with his pick of the Bengals over the Broncos. There's been a shakeup atop the leader board, with Kremer pulling into first over Billy by two picks. Laura and Karen are still tied for third, now only one out of second. Don't rule out Tim, only 4 out of the lead. It's going to be a wild final week! Congratulations, Sam!

Week 16

Unanimous: Eagles, Lions, Saints, Packers, Patriots, & Bills. Solo: Gwen with Houston. Duplicate: Karen (52) = Kremer (54) = Laura (48). Megan can at best tie the three duplicates, and Billy can't win because of Tim. Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winner - Buck!

The new dad Ten Dimes put on a show this week, only missing two games. This caused him to jump four spots in the rankings. Gayle and Gwen each only got 7, and that dropped Gwen four places. Gayle dropped - err - wait...she can't cuz she's in The Cellar. Kremer is now tied with Billy for first...two weeks to go...we have a barn burner! Laura and Karen are in a tight battle for the bronze, as well. It's going to be an exciting close to the season! Congratulations, Buck! This week's text is John Deere Green!

Update: Apologies to Karen for putting her name instead of Gwen's for only 7 right. I'm embarrassed for such a dumb mistake, Gayle and Gwen should be embarrassed for their performance, and Karen is now vindicated on an honorable 13 pick week. What was once wrong has now been made right.

Week 15

It's time. What time is that? It's Johnny Football time!! Alas, that game is not being broadcast on my cable . Harrumph! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Patriots, Chiefs, Ravens, Packers, and Seahawks. Solo: Gwen with Washington, and Sam with Houston. Duplicate: Karen (46) = Kremer (55) = Laura (48). Nobody is eliminated yet this week from picking St. Louis, so it's anybody's game. Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winners - Kremer & Tim!

Robohip and Savage Southpaw come through with the W this week. Crikey...how good is Aaron Rodgers?! In other news, we had a couple victims in LOTW. Buck and Gayle are gone! It is now down to Megan and Danny! There wasn't a lot of movement in rankings this week. Billy still holds the lead, one pick ahead of Kremer. Sam gained three spots, and Buck dropped two. Gayle is still chillin' in The Cellar, three picks behind Buck. Kremer & Tim both picked up their fourth win, one back from win leader Megan. Hey, DK....how's that Week 1 win feel now??? Kid Rock and I'm the real McCoy and I'm headin' out west cuz I wanna be....Born Free!

Week 14

Here we go! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Bengals, Saints, Vikings, Lions, Texans, Broncos, 49ers, and Packers. Solo: Matt with Washington and Buck with Cleveland. Duplicate: Karen (50) = Laura (48). In other news, Billy can't win this week because he matches Kremer and picked da Bears. At best Danny can tie Gayle and Tim. Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winners - Gwen, Matt, Sam, & Tim!

It's a family affair as Blondie, Two Fish, Mr. Emoticon, and Savage Southpaw take the cake. Where's Laura? Buck had a rough week and dropped three spots in the rankings. Billy increased his lead over Kremer. Gayle tightened her grasp on the deed to The Cellar, now three picks out of second to last. It was a great week of football and food. And it was definitely an occasion for day drinking.

Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving, NFL w/ g! We're back to 16 games per week. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis, & Minnesota. Solo: Sam with Philadelphia, Danny with Tennessee, Buck with Cleveland, Matt with San Diego, Gayle with Tampa Bay and New York Jets. Duplicate: Karen (52) = Kremer (49). Not much overlap this week...there could be some big moves!!

Have a great turkey day, everyone! Om nom nom!

Week 12 Winners - Kremer & Matt!

Robohip and Two Fish take the cake this week! Matt finally gets a win...it was looking bleak. The drought is now on Danny who hasn't rung the bell since Week 1! There wasn't a lot of movement this week. Billy still leads by one over Kremer, and Laura, Megan, and Karen are right there, too. Five of us within three picks...these last five weeks are going to be intense! Nobody got knocked out of LOTW this week. Congratulations, winners! But remember, Matt...two is the loneliest number since the number one!

REMINDER: It's Thanksgiving this week. Three games on Thursday. Get your picks in by 10:00 AM Thursday.

Week 12

Hey-oh! I gotta make this quick today. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Chiefs (oopsy), Eagles, Patriots, Packers, Colts, Broncos, and 49ers. Solo: Sam with Tampa Bay, Buck with New York Giants, Gayle with Arizona, and Matt with Baltimore. Duplicate: Billy (51) = Danny (37) and Karen (52) = Laura (48). Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Megan & Sam!

Meggles and Mr. Emoticon strike it lower-middle class with nine picks for a win. This is Megan's fifth win in six week! It's Sam's first. Now it's just Matt without a certificate. Gayle only got five right and dropped from a tie for fourth place all the way down to tenth. Billy is still holding onto the lead with Megan now right on his heels. Kremer and Laura are only two back. Matt is still alone in The Cellar, and is the only one without at least a hundred correct picks. Sometimes it's fun to spell out all your numbers! Congratulations, "winners"! Ain't goin' down 'til the sun comes up!

Week 10 Winners - Billy, Gwen, Karen, Laura, & Megan!

Sweet ties of samurais! BK, Lemon Drop, K-Sand, L.A. Woman, and Meggles hit double digits for the win. This marks Megan's 4th win. Now there are only two people left without a win...Matt and Sam. Matt gets to keep his place in The Cellar. BK remains atop the leader board by 2 picks...and the only one at triple digits. Danny wins LOTW again, so we're looking at starting a new one. Same format, except it will be single elimination. If you're in, put your pick in...$5. At the end of Week 17, anyone still left will split the pot. Congratulations, "winners"! Only 41.67% of NFL w/ g participants can call themselves that this week! Ch-ch-chang-chaaaaang!!

Week 10

Unanimous picks: Bengals, Saints, Ravens, Steelers, Broncos, Cardinals, Seahawks, Packers. Solo: Buck with Buffalo and Gayle with Jacksonville. Duplicate: Billy (49) = Gwen (44) = Karen (46) = Laura (42) = Megan (42), Danny (45) = Matt (42), & Kremer (48) = Sam (37).

Week 9 Winners - Karen & Tim!

K-Sand and the Savage Southpaw ring in atop Week 9! Laura, Matt, & Sam remain the only non-winners (we'll refrain from the word "losers" as it would be impolite to hurt their feelings). Tuesday is election day, hence Tim's choice in song. I hope you all did your civic duty. Megan was eliminated from LOTW, so now only Danny and Karen are left. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!! Sam finally climbed out of The Cellar, and Matt has replaced him there. Hopefully he brought some Febreeze as Sam was there for quite a while! In other news, the handsome BK remains atop the leader board, with Kremer right on his heels. We've passed the halfway point in the season, so it's time to start the final push. Congrats to our winners. I'm damn proud to be an American!

p.s. I used the word "atop" twice in this post. What can I say...I like to get creative with which of my use of prepositions on!

Week 9

Week 9 is here, and so is RGIII. Can the Vikings send him back to his normal role of ridin' the pine? I'm thinking so. Target acquired...Barr, Smith...you have your orders! Now before I get suspended for mentioning bounties, let's look at picks. Unanimous: Chiefs, Bengals, 49ers, and Seahawks. Solo: Danny with Tampa Bay, Sam with Washington (boooo!), Megan with Baltimore, and Buck with New York Giants (shocking). Duplicate: Billy (51) = Gwen (44), and Karen (52) = Tim (55). With losses on Thursday night, Gayle can only at best tie Sam, and Matt can at best tie Billy and Gwen. We do have an elimination. If poor Laura aces Sunday and Monday, Kremer wins. *sad trombone* On the LOTW front, Danny, Karen, and Megan all have different picks. Will it end this week??? Time will tell. Skol Vikings!

Week 8 Winners - Gayle & Megan!

The Commish and Meggles break away from the pack for the win! Megan now has a hat trick with three wins in a row!! These two were big movers in the standings, each jumping up 3 spots. Danny took a beating, failing to get to double digits and dropping three places. Well, Sam, I sure hope you aren't just renting your space in The Cellar because with how long you've been down there, you've probably built up some decent equity by now. LOTW just got interesting with the Cowboys choking. It's down to single elimination for our three remaining survivors. A correction from before, Danny is not the only person to have won LOTW, as the lovable BK won round one last year. After two of the remaining three fail miserably, we will start up another round of LOTW for whoever wants in. It will be single elimination due to time constraints. Congratulations g and Meg! It's TRICKY tricky TRICKY trickaaaayy!!!!

(and like trick or treat...get it...cuz it's almost Halloween! and Megan's hatTRICK ...seriously do you get the awesomeness??)

Week 8

Week 8 is underway, and we have an issue to address. The DET @ ATL game started at 8:30 central this morning. I did not know this until after midnight last night, so couldn't send out a warning text. The good news, only Buck and Karen didn't have their picks in before then. They both obviously did not know the game was on because they both picked Detroit when Atlanta was up 21-3. So we're letting the pick count. Now on to the regular stuff...picks! Unanimous: Patriots, Seahwaks, Chiefs, Browns (huwhaa???), and Cowboys. Solo: Gwen with Jacksonville, Danny with Tennessee, Tim with Philadelphia, and Gayle with Pittsburgh. Duplicate: Kremer (47) = Laura (48) = Sam (50). Karen and Megan both have Cleveland in LOTW, and Danny has Dallas. This could be interesting! Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winners - Buck & Megan

Ten Dimes and Meggles pulled off the win with 12 picks apiece. So of course they both had to have 42 for their tiebreakers. Sure, 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, but c'mon! So we go to step 2...pick a number between 1 and 100. Well, the smartasses have a grasp on stats and both reply with 50. Crikey! Then we move on to picking a number between 78 and 401. And finally after all that, Megan wins the song choice! I'm going to have to come up with a trickier second tiebreaker next time. You guys are too clever for a plain old pick a number. In the overall standings, BK is still holding first place by a whisker over Kremer, DK dropped from second to fifth, and Sam is still staying cozy in The Cellar. The Seahawks claimed another LOTW victim in Matt, and Sam's bet on the 2-game-winning-streak Browns cost him his spot at the LOTW table. Only Danny, Karen, and Megan remain. DK is still unscathed, and has yet not to win LOTW. C'mon, ladies!!! Congratulations, Buck and Megan! Shimmy shimmy cocoa what?!

Week 7

Hi, everybody! Insert something clever here. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Patriots (yay!), Ravens, Seahawks, Packers, & Cardinals. I think we've set a record for solo picks this week with 8! They are: Gayle with the Titans and Jaguars, Gwen with the Bengals, Danny with the Vikings and Giants, Buck with the Dolphins, Megan with the Chiefs, and Tim with the 49ers. Holy cow, right?! Duplicate: Karen (46) = Kremer (47) = Laura (48) = Matt (42). Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winners - Gwen, Kremer, & Megan!

Well the three pick-matchers were right! 11 picks does it. Lemon Drop, Robohip, and Meggles take the cake! But, um...Sam....wow. 5/15. Sam dropped five spots in the rankings because his crystal ball was on crystal meth. Well, Sam, hopefully you have a nice duvet to make yourself at home in The Cellar. Heh heh duvet. Well, BK is back alone in the lead, DK and Kremer are close behind, but the "others" seem to be falling behind. Through six weeks, Laura, Matt, and Sam are the only without at least a share of a win. We are past the NFL trade deadline now, so, yeah....we gotta keep 'em. Buck, Kremer, and Tim were knocked out of LOTW. Buck was knocked out because the Bengals tied. Hahaha...that happened to Karen, too, and she was, um, disgruntled. LOTW picks winners, not non-losers. Congratulations, winners! Been a long time since I rock and rolled!!

Week 6

The schedule says Week 6, but we are in Week 2 of the Era of Teddy! It could have been Week 3, but that dang Thursday Night Football. Let's look at picks! Unanimous: Bengals, Packers, Vikings, Broncos, Chargers, and Seahawks. Solo: Gayle with Buffalo, Sam with Washington, and Buck with St. Louis. Duplicate: Kremer (46) = Megan (42). Because of getting TNF wrong, Buck can at best tie Gwen, and Gayle can at best tie Kremer & Megan. Get ready for a big week! Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winner - Gayle!

The Commish comes through with only one misstep on the week! Seriously, Buffalo beat Detroit at home? Well, either way, she is Happy! 14 of 15 is pretty good, but is it NFL w/g historic? Nope. 15 wins is the most in a week, done by Billy and Matt in Week 17 last year and Danny in Week 13 of 2010/11 going 15 of 16. 100% has been done twice on record with Billy going 13 for 13 in Week 7 of 2012/13 and Buck doing the best ever 100% of 14/14 in Week 4 of 09/10. Still nobody has ever had the true Perfect Week of going 16 for 16. That's right, Perfect Week gets bold aquamarine! Jelly???? As far as this year's rankings go, Danny jumped back into a tie with Billy for the lead. Matt and Megan are again alone in The Cellar. Methinks there may be something going on there . Anyway, congrats to the g in our logo. She so Happy!!!!!!!!!

Week 5

Well, let's just forget about last Thursday and move on to Sunday football. It's just, ugh...never mind...let's look at picks. Unanimous: Packers (bah), Eagles, Saints, Cowboys, Lions, Colts, Steelers, Broncos, Chargers, and Seahawks. 10! 10 of the 15 games are unanimous. That is insane! Solo: Megan with Atlanta. Duplicate: Billy (46) = Gwen (54), Karen (48) = Kremer (47) = Laura (48) = Matt (42) = Sam (44). Crikey...5 unoriginal picks. This week is gonna suck. Well, not suck so much as be a PITA for potential tiebreaks. Moving on...Skol Vikings!

Week 4 Winner - Buck!

Ten picks get Ten Dimes the win! What a weird week. Pittsburgh loses to Tampa Bay on a last second touchdown, Dallas throttles New Orleans, and Kansas City makes Brady and the Patriots their bit...ahem...anyway. BK takes the outright lead, and it's a threewa....ahem...there are three in The Cellar: Gayle, Megan, and Matt. Anyway, the Era of Teddy has arrived. That's right, ET is upon us! It's goin' down!!!

Week 4

Week 4 is upon us, as is the era of Teddy! It doesn't look like many of us think it's going to start off with a W. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Colts, Steelers, and Chargers. Solo: Karen with the Jets and Raiders. Duplicate: Gwen (42) = Tim (44). With the Giants' win on Thursday, Gwen, Kremer, and Tim can only at best tie Buck. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty pumped for Teddy's first start! Skol Vikings!

Week 3 Winner - Billy!

BK takes home the win this week and jumps into a share of the lead. It was an interesting week with a couple people picking against the Vikings for their LOTW. Well, now Cassel is out for the year, so it's time for TEDDY! TEDDY! TEDDY! Megan crawled her way out of The Cellar this week, but Buck took her place, so he joins Matt and gets to be the little spoon now. I made another funny!

Week 3

Week 3 is upon us, and things look bleak for our beloved Vikings. Well, at least we have this to get us by, right? Ok, let's look at picks. Unanimous: Falcons (yay!), Saints (ouch), Bengals, Colts, and Patriots. Solo: Danny with Washington, Sam with Detroit, and Matt with Kansas City. Duplicate: Karen (42) = Kremer (41) = Laura (48). I know nobody picked them, but Skol Vikings!

Week 2 Winner - Tim!

The Savage Southpaw redeems his last place finish and comes back with a win in Week 2! He's also keeping with the (albeit one week) theme of bangin'! This week was...umm...rough. Only three people were 0.500 or better. Yikes! Seriously, the Bills??? Anyway, Danny keeps his lead, and Matt and Megan are shacking up in The Cellar. Ew, keep it clean,  you two, this is a family site! And I suppose I should mention LOTW. *cough* Umm, yeah. Oh fer two for Billy. That's just...sad. Stupid Browns. Well congratulations, Timmy! She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee!

Week 2

Week 2 is under way. Instead of the normal site music which would be the CBS NFL theme (since the Vikings game is on CBS this week), we'll have a little tone of the NFL music. Yes, it's in poor taste, but c'mon. We'll call it an homage to Joan Rivers (h/t g). Ok, enough with this you silly gooses. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Saints, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Packers, Broncos, 49ers. Solo: Sam with Atlanta and Laura with Philadelphia. Duplicate: Kremer (44) = Megan (46). Only Billy, Gayle, and Tim got the Thursday night pick right, but nobody is outright eliminated. However, at best Danny can tie Gayle, and Karen and Matt can tie Billy. Can the Vikes pull it off today? Skol Vikings!

Week 1 Winners - Danny, Karen, & Kremer!

Lt. Dan, K-Sand, and Robohip win the opening week of NFL w/ g 2015! DK won the tie breaker, so we all get to jam out with a Bang! Bang! Tim get's to be the first to arrange the furniture in The Cellar. What an exciting week! I sure am tired staying up to watch that second MNF game. LOTW had a couple victims this week already, too. Can't wait to see what next week brings! Congrats, winners! B to the A to the N to the G!

Week 1

NFL w/ g is a go! One game in the bank, and the first Sunday on tap. Let's see what everyone picked. Buck and Tim picked the Pack *sad trombone*. Unanimous: Vikings, Steelers, Eagles, Jets, Bears, Chiefs, and Broncos. Solo: Gwen with the Falcons, Mat with the Dolphins, and Megan with the Cowboys. Duplicate: Karen (38) = Kremer (41). Buck is eliminated since if he aces the last 15 games, Danny wins. Tim is also eliminated since Gayle wins if he aces the remaining 15. Sunday Funday, huh, guys??? Well, let's get this thing started! Skol Vikings!

Finally Ready!

Thank you all so much for texting/emailing picks for Thursday and some Sunday! I've been insanely busy, and this has been on the back burner. We are now up and running! Now that we're back to situation normal, just shake it off!