Week 17 Winners - Buck and Sam!

Ten Dimes and Mr. Emoticon take the final week with 14 picks apiece. Buck won the tiebreaker for song. Mr. Emoticon locked up third place for the year. BK came in second. DK wrapped up the year atop the board with 178 correct picks. This is third highest yearly total after Sam (179) in 11/12, and Buck (180) in 09/10. Danny also tied Kremer to win Lock of the Week. This is DK's third LOTW win! After a week of only one correct pick, Buck couldn't quite catch Matt to get out of The Cellar.


Another fun year of NFL w/ g is in the books! Now it's playoff time! Skol Vikings!

Week 17

Here it is...the final week. Spoiler alert! DK has first placed locked up, and BK has second place locked up. Gayle can pass Sam with wins from Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Jacksonville. Now let's look at picks. Unanimous: Denver, Minnesota, New England, San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco. Solo: Sam with Tampa Bay, Tim with New York Jets and Detroit, Gayle with Baltimore, Buck with Indianapolis, Matt with Carolina, and Gwen with Philadelphia. Duplicates: BK (49) = DK (48) = Garner (33) = Laura (47). Wow! Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winner - Gayle!

And the Commish takes it home with 13 picks this week! Is there any surprise about the song??? This was the first week this year where everybody was in double digits...even Matt! Wow! Well, DK has taken over first place by one with one week to go. Sam is holding steady in third with Gayle 3 picks back. This will be an exciting last week.


Now...everybody together... **We all need a little Christmas***

Week 16

Christmas is upon us! Let's take a look at picks. Unanimous: Carolina, Miami, New England, Indianapolis, Green Bay, and Denver. Solo: Gwen with Detroit and Cincinatti and Tim with Philadelphia. Duplicate: Billy (39) = Buck (38), Karen (42) = Kremer (40). Merry Christmas! Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winner - Danny!

Lt. Dan takes it home with 14 correct! And now he's actually a First Lieutenant, so we don't need any asterisks. His win takes him back into a tie with BK for first place. Laura was a big winner, climbing three spots to 8. Things are getting tense for first and second place. There are now 4 peeps within four picks of third. Two weeks to go! Anyone else feel like watching The Karate Kid?

Week 15

Christmas is getting closer!! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Miami, Detroit, and New England. Solo: Garner with the Colts and Matt with the Bears. Duplicate: none! And, nobody is eliminated yet, although Laura can only tie Karen. We all obviously don't trust the Monday night game to be a scorefest as the average tiebreaker score is 40.25, with a high of only 47. Sounds like an exciting game. Skol Vikings!

Wee 14 Winners - Gwen, Kremer, and Sam!

Lemon Drop, Robohip, and Mr. Emoticon ring the bell with 13 this week! The tiebreaker belongs to Kremer as it's been a long time since rock 'n' roll. Gwen jumped three spots to T-5 as contentions for third place get hot. BK tops DK for top spots with three weeks remaining. Things are slowly solidifying...will something rock the boat? Only time will tell.

Week 14

It's on! Vikings need to win to stay in the playoff picture. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Denver (ding!), Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, and Green Bay. Solo: Gwen with the Panthers and Sam with the Cowboys, Chargers, and the Saints. Duplicate: Buck (47) = Garner (33). Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winner - Garner!

Grandpa takes the cake this week! I bet you didn't expect this song!! (g gets credit for picking the whistle song) With a second place finish, Laura jumped 3 spots. BK & DK are tied atop the board as Karen and Tim duke it out for third. Now let's all whistle!

Week 13

It's time for Week 13 kickoff! Let's take a look at picks. Unanimous: Texans, Patriots, 49ers, Broncos, Ravens, and Cowboys. Solo: Buck with New Orleans (oops!) and Gayle with Seattle, Jacksonville, and Minnesota (3!). Duplicate: Gwen (45) = Karen (46). Another note, Buck's remaining picks match Gwen's and Karen's, so Buck is eliminated from the win. Bummer, huh? That's all I've got this week! Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winners - Karen & Sam!

K-Sand and Mr. Emoticon take the cake this week! Karen won the tiebreaker, and that's why this girl is on fire! Alicia Keys is awesome. With DK's solo pick going well, he increases his hold on first place by one over BK. The gap between 2 and 3 continues to widen. There isn't much time left for someone to make a move, so it's time to get your picks smokin'! Congrats, K-Sand and Mr. Emoticon!

Week 12

How's everyone's tummy after Thanksgiving? Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Texans *ding*, Patriots *ding*, Bengals, and Broncos. Solo: Gwen with Buffalo, Danny with Miami, and Tim with Philadelphia. Duplicate: none! And nobody is eliminated from at least a tie of the win. Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Danny, Gwen, Karen, & Laura!

Lt. Dan, Lemon Drop, K-Sand, and LA Woman take the proverbial cake this week. It's like they had the same picks or something. This marks Laura's first win of the year. Karen won the tiebreaker, and that's why we don't even have to try, it's always a good time! I know this isn't a great song, but you'd have to be dead inside not to like it. The song is so upbeat, it's more contagious than measles. Whelp...DK is now alone at the top, everyone has a win, and there are no more byes until the playoffs. Party on, Wayne!

Week 11

Oh yes he did! That's right, bring on the Christmas music!!! Now let's look at Vikings bye week picks. Unanimous: Bengals, Texans, Rams, Cowboys, Falcons, Patriots, Broncos, and 49ers. Solo: Garner with Oakland. Duplicate: Danny (17) = Gwen (45) = Karen (40) = Laura (47). Gayle and Matt have already been eliminated from a win by Tim and Sam, respectively. Sucks for them! Now let's enjoy the bye week. Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winner - Gayle!

And the Commish gets her first win! That win also propelled her up 3 spots in the rankings. This now leaves Laura as the only player without a win. Hmmm??? The Vikings are off next week, so we don't have to worry about that pick. In other fun news, Karen got knocked out of LOTW with a tie! Is that not hilarious?? Now fill up a Red Solo Cup and proceed to party!

Week 10

And we're off! Let's take a look at picks. Unanimous: Miami, New England, Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. Solo: Tim with the Jaguars (oops) and Gayle with the Bengals. Duplicates: none! That's a first this year! Could be some movement! Skol Vikings!

Lots of exclamation points! Oh...and I know we're a little light in picks this week, but that's how it goes.

Week 9 Winners - Danny, Gwen, Karen, Kremer, & Matt!

*Deep breath* Congratulations, Lt. Dan, Lemon Drop, K-Sand, Robohip, and Two Fish! (anyone spot the new nickname?) Buck was the only multi-spot mover, dropping 2. Even with a win, Matt remains in The Cellar. Matt wins the tiebreaker for the song, so that should be up by tonight.

Remember to vote!

Week 9

And we're off! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Packers, Bears, Broncos, Redskins, and Texans. Solo: Matt with Kansas City (oops), Buck with Jacksonville and Dallas, Gayle with Cleveland, Gwen with Pittsburgh, and Garner with Philadelphia. That's a lot!! Duplicate: Danny (48) = Karen (52) = Kremer (47). Wow! Skol Vikings!

Week 8 Winner - BK!

Well, well, well. We have our first back-to-back winner since Garner and Sam did it last season in weeks 8 & 9. However, this is the first time in NFL w/ g history that someone has had consecutive solo wins! Way to go, BK! You're awesome! We had two movers this week: Kremer gained 2 spots and Garner lost 3. Matt still sits comfortably in The Cellar as Laura has a 4 pick buffer over him. We're starting to see some separation at the top...

In other news, this week's awesome song is not only about beer, but is by Billy Currington. How about that? What should I use next week for my Billy Beer song?

Also, Trash Talk looks like a back and forth forum for just Danny and me. Do we really intimidate you that much??? C'mon, even though our picks are far superior (only double digits this week), we'll still listen.

**man this homepage is biased...why can't anyone stop him? maybe other people need to pick better?**

Week 8

Hey-o! Let's go! Time for picks. Unanimous: Minnesota (oops), San Diego, and Green Bay. Solo: Garner with the Rams, BK with the Colts, Gwen with the Cowboys, Tim with the Saints, and Buck with the Cardinals. Duplicate: Laura (47) = Matt (38). There could be some movement this week! Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winner - BK!

13/13. That's "thirteen for thirteen" to the uniformed. Weird how normally the homepage is neutral-ish. Seems a little biased tonight, huh? BK jumps 3 spots to T-1 with DK. In other news, Matt remains in The Cellar. 13/13 has happened before, so it's not really of note. The most wins in a week is 15 and has been accomplished three times: BK and DK have each gone 15/16, and Buck once went 15/15. We still have yet to see the Perfect Week of 16/16. Other than that...Free Bird!!!!!

Week 7

It's another beautiful fall day for football! Let's look at everyone's picks. Unanimous: Vikings, Packers, Patriots, Raiders, and Bears. Solo: Gwen with Seattle (oops), Gayle with Washington, and Sam with Baltimore. Duplicate: Buck (45) = Matt (42) and Karen (44) = Tim (45). Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winner - Buck!

And Ten Dimes logs his second win with 8/14! Not much movement this week as Gwen was the most active, jumping 2 spots to T-1. It's now a 3-way tie for the lead, but Matt is still all comfy-cozy in The Cellar. If you've noticed (and most likely you haven't), Trash Talk has been particularily quiet as of late. It's time to end the open format we currently have. I'm switching back to blog form and will post every Monday night or Tuesday afternoon/evening. It is time to poke the bear. What happened to our angry mobs? I think it's time to bring back the anger!

Congratulations on win #2, Buck!

Week 6

Here we go to a new week! Let's take a quick look at picks. Unanimous: Atlanta is the only one! Solo: Buck with the Titans (nice one) and the Giants, Garner with the Chiefs and Redskins, Gayle with the Bills, Tim with the Cowboys, and Gwen with the Seahawks...that's a lot of solo picks! Duplicates: BK (46) = Kremer (47). That's all for now. Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winner - Matt!

So, he finally gets a double-digit win week, and says, "Hey...why not just win it?". Twelve wins does it for Two Fish! Unfortunately, this doesn't bring him out of The Cellar. Gayle jumped 4 spots from 10 to T-6 and is the biggest leaper this week. On the flipside, Garner dropped four spots from 5 to T-9. Danny and Tim are now in the top spot. So.........beer, huh? Looks like we have a theme! But, c'mon...how catchy is this song????

OK...everybody now: B double-E double-R U-N, Beer Run!

I'm thirsty! Congrats, Matty!!!

Week 5

Well, this is the week to see if the Vikings can beat their win total from last year. I'm feeling good about it, and as our picks show, so are all of you. Let's look at the picks. Unanimous: Packers, Giants, Bears, 49ers, and Vikings. Solo: Garner with the Broncos, Chiefs, and Jets and Billy with the Chargers. Duplicate: Gayle (41) = Tim (38) and Gwen (45) = Karen (55) = Laura (47). Buck was eliminated from LOTW on Thursday night. 3 down, 8 remain. That's all I've got for you. Skol Vikings!

Week 4 Winners - Garner & Tim!

Grandpa and Savage Southpaw tie with 12 wins! Tim won the tiebreaker and picked a song about - wait for it...beer! Whoda thunk it? Tim is the season's first repeat winner, but Matt has yet to hit double digit wins for a week...hmmmmm. (Insert something witty here). Congratulations Grandpa and Tim! Let's see what happens next week!

Week 4

Sorry it was late this week guys! Skol Vikings!

Week 3 Winners - Danny & Sam!

Lieutenant Dan and Mr. Emoticon tied for a pitiful total of 8 wins to tie for the week, but Mr. Emoticon takes the tiebreaker! Quick recap: Gayle drops 5 spots, Tim 2, and Billy, Kremer, and Matt 1. Buck and Karen gained two, and Danny, Gwen, and Laura gained one. Matt keeps The Cellar. But seriously, you guys, I loathe the Packers. I feel very bad for the Pack and all their fans tonight...honestly. This is bad. I'm glad that other than the tiebreaker, the outcome of this game didn't affect our little league. These replacement "refs" are so beyond their ken that they have seriously marred the integrity of this season. But anyway...congratulations, Sam! Nothing's gonna stop you from abusing rich fonts in Trash Talk, is it? Seriously, how much fun is this?

In LOTW news, Danny, Gwen, and Sam committed the ultimate sin and are now paying for it. It's only Lt. Dan's first strike, but Mr. Emoticon and Lemon Drop (like the new nickname?) are outta here! Onward!

Week 3

Well, after a Gopher win, I could use a Vikings upset. Let's take a look at picks. Unanimous: Dallas, Indianapolis, Buffalo, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay. Solo: Grandpa with the Chiefs and Titans and Gayle with the Rams. Duplicate: Gwen (45) = Karen (54). Should be a fun week! Skol Vikings!

Week 2 Winner - Buck!

Ten Dimes rocks the week with 11! He's still T-3 as husband and wife combo Tim and Gwen grab the lead. Matt kicked Laura's butt out of The Cellar because he wanted it for himself. What's next? Only time will tell. Congratulations, Buck! Let's rock out to some unintelligable Mellencamp lyrics.

Week 2

Here we go with Week 2! I'm having some computer issues this morning, so I'm going to keep this short. The printer friendly picks are up and going, so that's a good thing. Good luck to all!

Week 1 Winner - Tim!

Congratulations to this year's inaugural winner, the Savage Southpaw! 13 wins donít need no stinkiní tiebreaker! BK, DK, and Gwen were one behind with 12. Matt and Laura get to start the year in The Cellar. Gwen took strike one in LOTW, so she's already flirting with danger. What's next? Oh, yeah! Picks! Thursday game and LOTW this week are due by 6:00 PM CDT 9/13. All other picks are due by 10:30 AM CDT on 9/16. Congratulations, Savage Southpaw! Your year is off to a great start!

Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome back, everybody! You know how this works! LOTW pick due by Wednesday, 9/5 at 6:30 PM CDT. Your Wednesday night pick is due at the same time. All other picks are due by 10:30 AM CDT on Sunday, 9/9. Remember, LOTW will be double elimination. You have to lose twice to be knocked out, but cannot use the same team twice. Any other questions can be directed to me!