Week 17 Winner - Matt & Sam!

The two top dogs take top honors in the last week.  Two Fish and Mr. Emoticon slugged it out for 13 wins, but Matt took the weekly tiebreaker.  This left Sam one shy of Buck's season record of 180.  Sam took first overall by 5 picks over Matt, who ended 5 ahead of BK in third.  Sam's 7 wins is a new NFL w/ g record.  DK finished the year in The Cellar, but he eclipsed BK's record bad year of 139.  It was another fun year, and DK, Kremer, and Gayle are still going in the second round of LOTW.  Oh what fun will be next!

Week 17

Last week of the year.  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Eagles, Patriots, Vikings, Steelers, Falcons, and Giants.  Solo:  Gayle with the Rams and Matt with the Chargers.  Duplicates:  BK (48) = Buck (43) = Karen (56).  Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winner - Buck!

Ten Dimes logs his second win of the year.  This move bumped him up one spot on the week, too.  Kremer dropped one.  Sam now has a 5 pick lead over Matt for first place, and can basically set the cruise control.  I mean, there's no such thing as a jinx, right?  Sam would need to get 14 out of 16 in the last week to tie Buck's single season record of 180.  BK is only two behind Matt for second place, and has a 2 pick lead over Laura and 4 over Karen.  DK would need a new type of beast mode to climb out of The Cellar in the last week.  I guess this means he'll get Luck.  One more week for glory.  I was wrong in my week 1 writing.  I didn't save the archives from our first year, so this is actually the 5th year of NFL w/ g.  My, how time flies!  Congrats, Buck!

All games are on Sunday this week.  Tiebreaker scores will be for the SNF game.

Week 16

Merry Christmas, everybody!  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Patriots, Titans, Bengals, Steelers, Packers, and Saints.  Solo:  Gayle with the Browns, Buck with the Bills, and Kremer with the Seahawks.  Duplicates:  Gwen (55) = Karen (56) = Laura (48).  Sad news for Matt.  If he goes perfect today, Grandpa wins as their remaining 15 picks match and Grandpa picked the Colts.  Bummer, eh?  Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon logs his 6th win!  Holy cow!  This ties DK's 2008-09 win record.  There wasn't much movement this week as Gayle and Gwen each dropped one spot.  Sam now has a 4 pick lead over Matt, who has a 4 pick lead over BK.  With two weeks left, it looks like the battle is for third with LA trailing BK by one, Karen down 3, and Gwen only 4 back.  I don't mean to jinx a sure thing, but JINX!!  It should be an exciting remaining two weeks.  Oh, yeah ... DK is still in The Cellar.  Congrats, Mr. Emoticon!

Hey!  It's Saturday, Saturday, Saturday this week.  There is a Thursday night game, 13 Saturday games, one Sunday game, and MNF.  All picks are due by 11:00 AM CST on Saturday, December 24.  I know you're all traveling this weekend, so why not get your picks in now?

Fa la la!

Week 15

Hey everybody!  Thanks for being ready on a Saturday night!  Let's take a look at picks.  Unanimous:  Atlanta (yay!), Dallas, New York Giants, Tennessee, Green  Bay, New Orleans (ouch), and Arizona.  Solo:  Garner with the Rams and Danny with the Panthers.  Duplicates:  Billy (38) = Gwen (48) = Laura (44).  Skol Vikings?

Week 14 Winner - Gwen!

And it's another Anderson victory.  Blondie takes it home with 13 picks.  Tim is the only Anderson that hasn't gotten to pick a song ... just saying (plus his only win was the week where only three people didn't "win").  With her win, Gwen moves up one spot to T-5.  Buck and Laura each lost one spot this week.  With three weeks to go, the top four are only separated by 5 picks.  Sam maintains a one pick lead over Matt, so this is an exciting home stretch.  Oh, yeah ... Danny is still all by his lonesome in The Cellar.  Don't feel too bad, though, D ... in the '08-'09 season, BK was 8 picks behind you at 110 at this point in the year.  The lowest total was 139, so you only need to get 22 more picks over the next three weeks to not tie the lowest total ever.  Congrats, Gwen!  That wall has got to be getting full!  There are now 16 Anderson certificates (only 11 in the household with Matt's 5 at his place, but still ... crikey!).

Thursday Picks!

Week 14

Hi, everybody!  It's game time!  Unanimous:  Steelers (yay!), Ravens, Patriots, Jets, Packers, and Seahawks.  Solo:  Gayle with the Titans, Tim with da Bears, and Matt with the Bills.  Duplicates:  BK (38) = Sam (24) and Garner (43) = Kremer (42) = Laura (48).  Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winner - Matt!

And we're calling Two Fish's name again!  He is now tied with Sam at 5 wins on the year.  He gained one spot to be only one point behind Sam.  Garner and Gayle each gained a spot, too.  Kremer dropped 2, and Laura lost 1.  Danny's 10 losses on the week put him deeper in The Cellar.  He is now 8 picks behind Gayle and Tim.  This cover of "Hey Ya" that Matt picked is from a Twin Cities band called The New Standards.  Listen for them to be playing our Christmas music this Sunday.  Congrats, Matt!  (I feel like I've said that before)

Remember...Thursday Picks.

Week 13

Hey, everybody!  I'll try to get Christmas decorations up on the site soon.  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Jets, Bears, Patriots, Ravens, and Saints.  Solo:  Danny with Cincinnati, Gayle with St. Louis, and Tim with Arizona.  Duplicate:  Gwen (43) = Sam (27).  Well, time to attempt to make some peppermint bark!  Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon ties the most weekly wins this season with 14 to take the W.  This now puts him alone in first place by 2 picks over Laura.  Laura and Kremer both gained 2 spots this week, and Gayle gained one to climb out of The Cellar.  BK and Matt each lost two spots to T-3, and Buck, Danny, and Gwen lost one.  DK is now back in his comfort zone ... a.k.a The Cellar.  At least everyone is finally at 100 correct picks.  Congratulations on your league-leading fifth win, Mr. Emoticon!

Don't forget your Thursday pick!

Week 12

Quick rundown.  Unanimous:  Cowboys and Bengals.  Solo:  DK with the Vikings and Bills, and Gayle with the Chiefs.  Duplicates:  none.  BK is already eliminated this week as he and Kremer match the last 13 games.  Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Karen & Matt!

Congratulations, K-Sand and Two Fish!  Eleven wins takes it this week, but with the tiebreaker, Karen puts her hands up cuz we're playing her song!  NFL w/ g has now breached the 100 win barrier ... except for Garner, Tim, DK, and Gayle.    Let's take a look at movement.  Karen and Matt each gained two spots to T-5 and T-1, respectively.  We now have a 3-way tie for first.  Garner dropped two spots, and Kremer and Laura each lost one.  Gayle picked up two points on DK, but still remains in The Cellar.  The fun fact Sunday was Sam being eliminated on Thursday.  We now have more Anderson fodder ... after the restart of LOTW, Matt got burned on his first pick AGAIN!!

There are three games this Thursday (duh, Billy).  Picks will be due for those games at 10:33 AM CST.  Get 'em in, peeps!

Congrats again to Karen and Matt!  "Movin' my hips like yeah!"

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Week 11

Howdy, everyone!  Boy, am I ready for Thanksgiving!  Just a few more days ... Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Detroit, Green Bay, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, New York Giants, and New England.  Solo:  Danny with the Titans.  Duplicate:  BK (45) = Garner (34), Gwen (43) = Kremer (47), and Karen (41) = Matt (43).  Fun fact, Sam's remaining 13 picks are the same as Buck's, so with the Denver win, Sam is already eliminated this week.  Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winner - BK!

Awwwww yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!  Normally for pseudo-neutrality's sake, I have Danno write part of the homepage when I win, so as not to go off.  But, DK is on the road to Fort Drum, so Switzerland can kiss my ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies!  FINALLY!  I haven't gotten to pick a song since week 17 of the 08/09 season!  A second half offensive explosion kept me from picking a song for week 4 last year.  I mean, I already had the stupid thing uploaded!!  I'm the world's greatest!!  Can you feel it?!

Ok...movement.  Garner and Gwen gained 2 spots to T-7 and T-5, respectively.  BK and Matt each gained 1 to T-1 and T-3, respectively.  Karen dropped 2, and Gayle, Laura, and Tim all dropped 1.  Gayle has finally kicked Danny out of The Cellar.  Gayle has now gone back to back 4 bangers.  8 wins in two weeks ties the lowest two week total since BK went 5-3-5 in weeks 5, 6, and 7 of 2008/09.  3 is still the worst week, and that was in the course of 17 wins in 4 weeks.  Go, Gayle, Go!  You can dooooo eeeeeeeet!

Don't forget your Thursday pick!

Yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 10

Let's get this thing going!  Unanimous picks:  San Diego (oops), Philadelphia, Dallas, and Baltimore.  Solo:  Garner with Tennessee.  Duplicates:  none!  Good luck, everybody!  Skol Vikings!

Week 9 Winners - Buck, Garner, Kremer, & Sam!

Mild congratulations go out to Ten Dimes, Grandpa, Marshall Medic, and Mr. Emoticon!  This was a rough week.  Eight wins is the lowest winning total since week 8 of last year.  Gayle coming in with only 4 correct picks is the fewest correct since Karen only got 4 right in week 4 of last year.  But they still can't touch BK's 2008 week 6 performance of only 3 out of 14 correct!  Let's look at movement.  Garner and Kremer each gained 2 spots to T-9 and T-7, respectively.  Buck gained one to T-5, and DK pseudo gained 1 to be tied in last.  That being said, Gayle dropped 2 spots to join DK in The Cellar.  Tim dropped 3 places to T-9, and Gwen dropped 1 to T-7.  Sam increased his hold on first place to two picks over BK and Laura.  Congratulations, guys!  Goooooo mediocrity!

Remember, there are 16 games this week, one of which is on Thursday.  Thursday picks are due by 6:00 PM CST (I hate standard time).  Get 'em in!

Week 9

Welcome to bye week.  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Chiefs, Saints, Texans, Falcons, Cowboys, Raiders, and Steelers.  Solo:  Garner with the Giants and BK with da Bears.  Duplicate:  Gwen (43) = Laura (48), Karen (48) = Matt (35).  There are no byes next week, and the final four byes are week 11, so we'll be back to 16 games per week again soon.  Enjoy bye week and Skol Vikings!

Week 8 Winners - Garner & Sam!

Grandpa and Mr. Emoticon take the week!  Grandpa won the tiebreaker again, so he gets the music.  Sam is now top dog, and DK is alone in The Cellar.

Week 8

Here we go again!  Unanimous picks:  New Orleans, Houston, New York Giants, Baltimore, Tennessee, and San Francisco.  Solo:  BK with Washington.  Duplicates:  Danny (56) = Gwen (42), Karen (42) = Laura (40).  Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winner - Matt!

Two Fish is the only one to hit double digits and takes the win!  Gotta give a pat on the back to Matty for going Halloween for the song.  With the tight scores, we had some movement this week.  Tim jumped 4 spots to T-6, Gayle gained two to also be T-6, and BK, Buck, and Matt each gained one to be T-1, T-6, and T-3, respectively.  Kremer dropped 2 spots after going sub 0.500 on the week, and Gwen and Sam each dropped one.  DK and Garner are still in The Cellar.  BK is now tied with LA for the lead.  With 10 weeks to go, there is a 10 point differential between first and last.  This is still anyone's year!  Congrats, Matty!  It's a graveyard smash!

Week 6 Winners - BK, DK, Garner, Gwen, Kremer, Laura, Matt, Sam, & Tim!

Or should I say Buck, Gayle, and Karen didn't win?!  HA!  Nickname time!  BK, DK, Grandpa, Blondie, Marshall Medic, LA Woman, Two Fish, Mr. Emoticon, and Savage Southpaw ring the bell with double digits.  The low scoring game gave Grandpa the music.  If they say tying is like kissing your sister, I don't want to know the incestuous comparison for a 9-way tangle!  Ick!!  Not surprisingly, there wasn't much movement in rankings.  Gwen and Kremer each gained a spot, and Buck and Karen each dropped one.  DK and Garner are still content in The Cellar.  So, a big pat on the back to everyone but Buck, Gayle, and Karen.  Awesome times nine, it's limerick time!

To root for the the Vikings is tough
With McNabb we've had just enough
The Dolphins are sucky
But they may get Luck-y
Playing the Packers could be rough

Week 6

And we're back in business!!!  Finally!  This has been a pain-in-the-rear week, but we made it through.  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Packers, Raiders, Patriots, and Jets.  Solo:  Tim with Indianapolis, Buck with Carolina, Matt with Houston, and Danny with Tampa Bay.  Duplicates:  Billy (41) = Gwen (43) = Kremer (43) = Laura (48) ... YIKES!!  If Gwen and Kremer tie for the win, we'll go to the second tiebreaker.  The second tiebreaker will be a number between 1 and 100 as selected by the Commissioner.  The Commissioner will let me know the number, and Gwen and Kremer will each text me their guesses (no first or second picker).  Whoever is closest gets the music.  Crikey!  Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winners - Gayle & Sam!

Double digits does its duty.  With 10 wins G Unit and Mr. Emoticon take the cake (mmm...cake).  The Commish won the tiebreaker, so we get to hear the dulcet tones of ol' Satchmo (jfgi if you're not keeping up).  Gayle, Matt, and Sam each gained a spot this week.  Karen dropped one, and Tim dropped 2, putting him only 2 picks away from The Cellar.  But, alas, DK and Garner won't let Tim join the party.  Congrats, Gayle and Sam!  Just barely is good enough again!

Week 5

Can it happen?  Can the Vikes finally get a win?  Not all of us think so.  So let's look at picks, right?  BK, DK, and Garner are not believers this week.  Unanimous:  Saints, Giants, and Lions.  Solo:  Danny with the Jets and Tim with the Falcons.  Duplicate:  Gwen (43) = Kremer (42) = Laura (48) ... TRIPLE THREAT!!!!  Well, since everyone has Detroit (first time ever, btw), we'll know the winner or tie tonight.  Been thinking of songs???  Skol Vikings!

Week 4 Winner - Karen!

And K-Sand does it again!  She is the first repeat winner of the 2011/12 season.  13 wins does it this week, and would be a perfect week for week 5.  Byes start next week, so we have less football for our enjoyment.  Nobody got knocked out of LOTW this week (boooooo!).  I'm Ponder-ing these Vikings.  I read a blog about going 0-16.  It has worked pretty well for the Lions.  I think it's time to give Ponder a chance to see if he is the quarterback of the future.  If not, 0-16 would be Luck-y.  Enough of my rants.  Let's look at what happened this week.  Karen's win moved her up 3 spots to T-3.  Tim gained two spots to 8.  Gayle dropped 3 spots to T-9, Buck lost 2 to T-6, and Danny, Garner, and Matt each lost a spot.  Matt is now 5, but Danny and Garner are still in The Cellar.  BK still remains one behind LA.  Only 13 picks next week and no Thursday game.  Who's next?  There can be only one, and this week it's K-Sand!  With two wins on the year, she's gotta be feeling doubly blessed (but not in the dirty way in which her song implies).

Update:  The site will be undergoing a couple changes this week.  If you would like to have an email notification when someone posts to Trash Talk, let me know.  I think I can make that work.  When the change occurs, tell me if you notice. 

Week 4

Hi, everybody!  Welcome to week 4!  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Vikings, Saints, Packers, Chargers, and Buccaneers.  Solo:  Garner with San Francisco, and Matt with Carolina.  Duplicates:  Buck (44) = Kremer (42).  Let's hope the Vikings can do something right after the half this week.  Skol Vikings!

Week 3 Winners - Gwen & Matt!

Congratulations to Blondie and Two Fish!  Eleven wins does it again.  With the tiebreaker, Matt gets his song, and thus, the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'.  That win catapulted Matt three spots to T-4.  Garner and Karen gained two spots.  This puts Karen at T-6, but Garner's two spots now put him tied in The Cellar, not just alone...oops.  Buck gained one spot to move to T-4 with Matt.  With only 9 picks this week, DK and Tim each dropped two spots to join Garner in The Cellar.  Gayle dropped three spots to go from minutely out to middle of the pack at T-6.  LA remains in the lead, and BK is still just one back.  After three weeks there are 6 picks from first to worst (2 ppw (picks per week)).  Nobody is out of it ....... yet.

Again, all 16 games are on Sunday, so picks will be due by 11:00 AM CDT on 10/2/11.  The website will be on a normal update schedule this week.  Thank you for your patience.  Congratulations again, Gwen and Matt!  You truly showed us all that good enough is good enough.

Week 3

Too tired to write tonight.

Week 2 Winner - Karen!

And K-Sand wraps up a 14 win week!  Having things wrapped up Sunday evening, she knew that Monday night was going to be a good, good night.  Woohoo!  With that win, K-Sand jumped 5 spots to T-5.  DK and Gwen each grabbed 2 spots, while Sam climbed one.  Buck and Matt dropped 3 to T-5 and T-4, respectively.  But Garner was the one yelling "Cannonball!!!!" as he dropped 8 places into The Cellar.  LA held on to first place, but BK is still right on her heels, only one back.  Congratulations, K-Sand!  The Vikings lost.  Let's just hope they don't do it again, and again, and again.

On a related matter, I will be going to the Vikings game versus Detroit 9/25/11.  That means that I will not be around at 11:00 to update the site.  If we want things functional, picks would have to be in 9/25/11 by 8:00 AM CDT.  It's up to you guys!

Week 2

And heeeeere weeeeee gooooo!  Week 2 is here, and I'm pumped for a Vikings win!  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous (7!):  Detroit, Baltimore, New York Jets, Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and New England.  Solo:  Matt with the Buccaneers, Rams, and Bengals, Garner with da Bears and 49ers.  Duplicates:  BK (43) = g (47), Laura (48) = Sam (49), Buck (47) = Kremer (43).  Other than that, as I've said every week at this point, Skol Vikings!!

Week 1 Winner - Laura!

Dream until your dream comes true!  Apparently, LA Woman was dreaming of the first win of the 2011-12 NFL w/ g season!  LA starts the year in first place, but Buck & BK are right on her heels.  Gwen, DK, and Karen are starting the year off in The Cellar!  There is no Thursday game this week, so new picks will be due 9/18/11 by 11:00 AM CDT.  I don't have anything witty right now; DK's "true colors" comment took the cake!  Looks like it's going to be a great year for Trash Talk!  BK & Kremer have been eliminated from LOTW.  DK, Gayle, Gwen, Sam, & Tim live to pick another week.  The winner will get $35.  Danny brought up the idea that if this game ends abruptly, we can restart another one for $1, $2, or $5 depending on what people want.  As always, let me know your thoughts.

Here's how the payouts will be this year:
Weekly winner(s) - $10 (if in the money game)
Overall 1st - $25, 2nd - $15, 3rd - $10

Congratulations, LA!  Don't get too comfortable!! 

Week 1

Here we go with Week 1!  Grandpa doesn't have his picks in yet, so we'll have to trust him.  Quick rundown time.  Unanimous:  none.  Solo:  Garner - Colts, Gayle - Saints & Raiders, Gwen - Dolphins, Matt - Bills, Laura - Redskins, Karen - Cowboys.  Skol Vikings!

Week 1 pt. 1

Well, everyone's picks are in for TNF, and g is the only one that picked New Orleans!  I've added a couple new features this year.  Of course we have the Lock of the Week, and you can view lock picks and make your picks in the top frame.  I've also added a printer friendly version of the picks.  Click on the link in the top row to get a nice, large, printer friendly version of the picks.  This should save everyone a bit of time Sunday mornings.  Let me know if the font needs to be bigger or anything.  Other than that, good luck to all!


Hey, everybody!  Welcome back to NFL w/ g!  You can already put in your picks for the regular season for Thursday night's game and Sunday/Monday.  I'm tinkering with the idea of a possible logo change, maybe something that highlights our 4th year.  Trash Talk is also open for business.  Any other thoughts for this year?  Let me know!