Week 17 Winners - Gayle, Karen, & Kremer!

Well, the season is over.  Gayle gets her song as K-Sand and the Marshall Medic share the V.  Let's give the nods.  Gwen takes first with 166 wins.  Matt holds second at 160.  Kremer takes solo third with 159.  Unfortunately, Sam is terrible at the limbo as his last place 148 crushes BK's domination of The Cellar of 139 in '08-09.  Love you all!  Next year beckons!

Week 17

Here it is...the final week.  Unfortunately, there is little suspense.  Gwen only differs with Matt on three picks, and her largest difference is four from Sam.  The title is clinched.  But there's still the matter of this week.  Who gets the last song?  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Jets, Saints, Falcons, Steelers, Packers, and Giants.  Solo:  Sam with Miami, Matt with Cincinnati, Oakland, and Arizona, Karen with Detroit, BK with Tennessee, and DK with Seattle....that's a lot!  Duplicates:  Garner (33) = Gwen (33) = Laura (48) and Gayle (38) = Kremer (50).  As Apollo Creed says in the Bud Light commercials, "Here we go!"  Sköl Vikings!!

Week 16 Winners - Garner, Gayle, & Sam!

Grandpa, g-unit, and Mr. Emoticon clean up!  But at what cost?  Google "egg on your face."  We have all committed the ultimate sin...this is really something.  Grandpa gained two spots, and Kremer gained one.  Buck and Tim each lost one.  Matt remains five back from Gwen, and even with a win, Sam is chillin' like a villain in The Cellar.  Buck's record of 180 wins last year will be safe, as will Karen's second best 173.  Well, congratulations to you three!  We should all be ashamed.

Week 15 Winner - Laura!

She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner!  LA Woman lets Tom Jones tell us all what we already knew after the noon games on Sunday.  Yeah...locked up before 3:15 kickoff...talk about taking the fun out of Sunday and Monday night!  Twelve picks does it as Kremer and Tim were the only other two with double digits this week.  Laura's win got her two spots to take third place.  Gwen is still in the lead with a 4 point lead over Matt.  The big news, though, is that Gayle has now climbed out of The Cellar and kicked Sam down the stairs!  Hurts...don't it, Sam?  I should know...that was my home last year.    Two weeks left!  Let's see how it goes.  Congratulations on your fourth win, LA!

Week 15

Sorry it's late, everybody.  The server was having issues with forms, and Matt had meetings, but we're good to go now.  Unanimous picks:  San Diego , Dallas, Tampa Bay, and New England.  Solo:  Danny with Denver.  Dual:  Danny and Matt with the Bills, Laura and Matt with the Eagles, Buck and Gayle with the Seahawks, Garner and Tim with the Jets, and Buck and Matt with the Vikings.  And there are finally no duplicate picks this week!  WoohooSköl Vikings!!

Week 14 Winners - Gwen, Karen, & Matt!

K-Sand racks up her fourth certificate, and Two Fish and Blondie each claim their fifth!  That is now 17 Anderson wins (with one thanks to Sam ).  Gwen holds her 4 point lead over Matt.  Garner took one on the chin this week, dropping three places...don't worry, though...Gayle is still comfortably in The Cellar.  Laura lost two places, and Tim and BK each dropped one.  Kremer and Sam each gained one as Karen gained two.  Congrats, you three...three weeks to go!

Week 14

Happy Blizzard, NFL w/ g!!!  Holy deflated dome, Batman!  Do we need any more evidence for a new stadium???  I think this would be my closing argument!  Vikings will be playing at Ford Field in Detroit at 6:20 PM CST on Monday.  Crikey!  You going, Sam???  Alrighty, then.  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Atlanta, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and New York Jets.  Solo:  Grandpa with the Titans , Rams, and Chiefs, Buck with the Redskins, and Gayle with the Cardinals.  Dual:  Danny and Sam with Seattle, and Grandpa and Tim with Dallas.  Duplicate:  Gwen (45) = Karen (42) and Kremer (45) = Laura (48).  Stay warm, everybody!  Skol Vikings!!

Week 13 Winner - DK!

He's bringing sexxy back!  No, I didn't misspell...that's how it is.  DK and JT are showing what's what for this week.  Gwen is still "King of the Castle" as Matt is now 4 back.  And, yes, I say "King" of the castle because the king is the head of things.  But as some movie said, the queen is the neck and directs the head.  What evs for this, I guess.  Fifteen wins ties the best ever...without a Charger breakdown, D would have had a perfect week.  Yes, Buck went 14/14, but a perfect week requires all innings...for NFL w/ g, that's 16 picks.  Congrats, D...I guess those other *********** don't know how to act.

Week 13

How about a little Wizards in Winter to get you pumped for Christmas?  Here we go!  Unanimous picks:  Giants, Packers, Vikings, Saints, Chiefs, Chargers, Seahawks, and Rams.  Yikes!  Eight of the remaining 15 games!  Solo picks:  none.  Dual picks:  Sam and Tim with Detroit, Matt and Sam with Tampa Bay, and Gayle and Tim with New York Jets.  Duplicates:  Billy (55) = Laura (48)...but Garner's remaining picks are also the same as BK and LA, so no whistling this week.  Karen (52) = Kremer (47)...but Matt's remaining picks are also the same as K-Sand and Kremer, so he's out.  Wow!  Two Thursday eliminations.  Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winners - BK, Garner, Karen, Laura, & Matt!

Can you say five-fer? Just like Week 6, it's a five-way tie!  BK, Grandpa, K-Sand, LA Woman, and Two Fish all nailed it with 12.  But as you all can tell by the music, Grandpa gets his whistle on!  Laura was the biggest benefactor of the win, vaulting 3 spots to T-3.  BK and Grandpa each grabbed two spots to T-6.  Sam lost one place to 11.  Matt is still one back of Gwen.  Gayle is the only one without 100 wins this season!!  The Commish solidly retains her position in The Cellar!  Matt now has his fourth win, tying him with Gwen for the most...they are running out of space to hang all of those certificates (although Sam isn't much of a contributor).  There are still 5 weeks remaining...80 games...anything can happen!!  Congratulations to all!  Now...let's whistle!!!

Week 12

Hey, NFL w/ g!  I hope everyone is stuffed!  Garner, Sam, and Tim are starting Sunday one down, so let's look at the rest of the picks.  Unanimous picks:  Giants, Browns, Vikings, Raiders,.  Solo picks:  Gayle with Tampa Bay and Tim with Buffalo.  Dual picks:  Garner and Gayle with the Bears, and Karen and Sam with the Chargers.  There are no duplicate picks, but if Sam goes 100% on Sunday-Monday, he can only tie Gwen, and if Tim goes 100%, he can only tie Kremer.  Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Gwen, Karen, Laura, & Tim!

Congratulations, Blondie, K-Sand, LA Woman, and Savage Southpaw!  12 picks has only been topped once this year.  Karen won the second tiebreaker to get the song, so let's groove tonight!  Attention, all participants...we have triple digits.  Gwen hit 100 wins this week and is hanging on to first place by two picks over Matt.  There wasn't a lot of movement in rankings this week.  Laura gained two spots to T-6, and Karen and Tim each gained one to T-10 and 5th, respectively.  Garner was the only one to drop, losing 3 places to T-8.  So congratulations, you four!  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Week 11

Here we go!  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous picks:  Bengals, Chiefs, Ravens, and Saints.  Solo picks:  Matt with Washington and Denver, and Sam with Oakland.  Dual picks:  Gwen and Karen with Miami (how'd that work out?), Garner and Sam with Houston, BK and Garner with Indianapolis, and Buck and Danny with New York Giants.  Duplicates:  Laura (48) = Tim (55)...how fun!  Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winner - Matt!

Two Fish rings the bell for the third time this year!  It came down to Monday night for the solo win between DK and TF...that hasn't happened yet this year, and that's why I'm a little late getting everything up and going.  There wasn't a lot of moving this week, but Buck gained 3 spots to T-3 and Karen and Laura each gained one.  Tim and Gayle dropped two spots, and Danny and Garner dropped one.  Matt is now within one of Gwen for the lead, and the commish is chillin' in The Cellar.  What a week!  Congrats, Two Fish, you've been rolling these last five weeks!  Now enjoy the dulcet tones of The Avett Brothers.

And don't forget your Thursday Pick!

Week 10

Good morning, NFL w/ g!  How's the snow treating you up in TC??  Holy cow!  Even more reason to stay inside, cozy up in a blanket with your pick sheet, and watch football all day long.  Let look at picks today.  Unanimous:  Buffalo, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, and New York Giants.  Solo:  Timmy with Cleveland, and Matty with New England and Denver.  Dual picks:  BK and DK with Miami, DK and Grandpa with Washington.  Duplicates:  Buck (41) = Gwen (41) = Karen (52) and Kremer has the same picks as those three, but picked Baltimore wrong...earliest elimination ever!  Sam's remaining picks equal Laura's, so Sam is also eliminated after Thursday's game!  So Kremer and Sam can only watch in vain this week...bummer!  Ha!  Skol Vikings!

Week 9 Winners - Buck, Gwen, Laura, & Sam!

La la la...4 tie!  Ten Dimes, Blondie, LA Woman, and Mr. Emoticon take top honors on the week.  LA gets center stage as the Tiny Dancer with the song choice.  Movement?  You want movement?  Here's your movement:  Buck +3; Garner, Karen, Kremer, Laura +1; Gayle -2; Danny & Tim -3.  What what?!  Gwen hangs on to her top spot, and Danny drops to T-5.  Gayle has her cot set up in The Cellar.  What do you think, NFL w/ g?  Let's hear your voice in Trash Talk.

Week 9

Good morning, NFL w/ g!  Everybody enjoy their extra hour of sleep?  Not me!  I'm mad about how early the sun is setting!  But enough of that...let's get to picks.  Unanimous:  New England, Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans.  Solo:  Danny with Miami and Tim with Dallas and Cincinatti.  Duplicate:  Gwen (45) = Sam (35) and Karen (43) = Kremer (43).  There are a couple dual picks:  Buck and Gayle with Seattle and Laura and Tim with Philadelphia.  My hope for this week is that the Vikings win in spite of terrible coaching.  We need some awful coaching decisions that hurt us, but we still win.  Adios, Chilly!  Skol Vikings!

Week 8 Winners - BK & Buck!

With 8 wins apiece, BK and Ten Dimes claim glory!  Buck grabbed the tiebreaker to "Shake it Up" with his song.  So...weird, huh?  All those different picks and, like, no separation in the rankings!  I know!  Like totally!  I mean Buck won and, like, gained one spot to T-6, and Sam grabbed one to tie with the Commish at T-10.  But Gayle only did it so she could drop one to hang with Sammy (such a social climber!).  And that chica Karen that won it all once totally dropped a spot to 12...yah...how's that going (nobody's buying your fake)?  And everyone else totally stayed in their same spots.  Totally lame, right?  I mean, we, like, all had crazy different picks, and, like, totally didn't do much moving at all!  What gives?  It's like shopping three towns over for a prom dress and then totally finding out that Becky Moonsfield got the exact same dress and then is going to the dance with your ex!  So, whatever!  Congrats, BK & TD, but it's totally like nothing even happened.  What evs!  I'm out like the fat girl in dodgeball.  Late!

(oh yeah...to translate this, you need to have blond hair, be chewing bubble gum, and twirling said blond hair)

Week 8

Ain't it great?  It's Week 8!  Picks are in, so let's begin.  Unanimous pick:  Chiefs.  Solo picks:  Gwen with Carolina, Buck with Green Bay, and Sam with Houston.  Duplicate picks:  Gayle (38) and Matt (35).  There are some big time differences other than those two this week, so there could be some separation.  Good luck to all!  Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winners - Garner & Matt!

Get your whistles out!  Grandpa takes the tiebreaker to tie with Two Fish!  With only 14 games, there wasn't much movement this week.  Matt gained two spots to T-2.  BK, Garner, and Karen gained one to T-9, T-5, and T-11, respectively.  Kremer and Laura lost one each, and Sam and Tim dropped two.  Gwen remains top dog by one pick over DK and Matt.  What a week!  Only 13 games next week...things are tight!  This is so much closer than we've ever had in NFL w/ g!  This is more fun than a clown on fire!  Congrats, Grandpa and Matty!  Good is good!

Week 7

Blue 42!  Blue 42!  Set!  Hut-Hut!  Here we go!  Week 7 is here.  Let's take a quick look at picks.  Unanimous:  Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, Kansas City, Seattle, Denver.  Solo picks:  only one...the ultimate sin...BK with the Packers over the Vikings!  Duplicate picks:  Garner (33) and Matt (28).  So how could BK commit the mortal sin?  Maybe he had a nightmare, maybe he feels like he's been jinxing the Purple this year, maybe the sickness he's had since Thursday has been more than just a cold and has led to a brain infection.  Either way, the deed is done, and I'm sure insults are coming.  With 6 picks out of 14 the same, there may not be the separation we were looking for this week.  While there was only one solo pick, there were 4 dual picks:  Gayle and Gwen with the Panthers, BK and Karen with the Eagles, Buck and Laura with Da Bears, and Buck and Tim with the Dolphins.  Great week ahead!  Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winners - Gwen, Karen, Kremer, Matt, & Tim!

Sweet manta ray of Santa Fe!  Look at all those ties!  Everyone remember nicknames???  Congratulations to Blondie, K-Sand, Marshall Medic, Two Fish, and Savage Southpaw!  If a tie is like kissing your sister, what is a 5-way tie?  10 picks won the week, 8 picks was the worst.  Wow!  Not much movement this week.  Kremer, Matt, and Tim gained one spot.  BK, Buck, DK, Gayle, and Sam lost one, and Garner lost two.  Boring!  But only 5 picks separate the top 7.  There are only 14 games again next week...hopefully we see some separation.  Matt got the tiebreaker, and the impression that I get is that it's his tune for the week!  Congratulations to you five...biggest tie in NFL w/ g history!

Week 6

Now I know this is NFL w/ g, but I'd like to take a moment to talk about NCAA.  Bye bye, Tim.  Bye bye, suckiness.  Hello, Brewsterless.  I feel a mile high-igh.  Goodbye, Brewster, goodbye-eye (sung to the tune of Bye, Bye, Love by the Everly Brothers).  He's gone!  Finally!  Woo-hoo!  But I digress.  Let's get back to what's important...PICKS!!!  Solo picks:  Buck with the Eagles and Jaguars, Gayle with the Rams and Redskins, Matt with the Seahawks, and BK with the Broncos.  Unanimous picks:  Giants, Steelers, and Vikings.  And a new feature starting this week...duplicate picks:  Gwen (48) = Tim (52) and Karen (48) = Kremer (47).  The number in the parentheses is that person's tiebreaker number.  How fun!!!  What a week ahead!  Only three unanimous picks and a whopping six solo picks out of 14 games!!  This could be a really fun week!!!  Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winner - Gayle!

Of course she did.  Did anyone really think they wouldn't hear this song?  Sorry I'm too depressed to be witty.  The Commish gained 4 spots to T-8 with her win.  Buck and Matt were the only other two people to gain, moving to T-7 and T-3, respectively.  Everyone else lost.  Ok...not Danny, Grandpa, Gwen, or Tim...they stayed level...but that doesn't dampen the pain.  Congratulations, g!  We may have grown a little meaner, grown a little colder, but you have grown in the standings of NFL w/ g!  And isn't that what really matters?!

Week 5

Welcome back, NFL w/ g.  I heard the Vikes picked up a new player.  My hands are shaking with excitement...and we have to wait until Monday night to see him...ahhh!!!  But back to the issue at hand; it's another exciting week.  Let's look at picks this week.  There are three solo picks this week:  Gayle with the Chiefs and Raiders and Matt with the Buccaneers.  Unanimous picks:  Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Minnesota.  Only Gayle and Linnea picked the Titans over the Cowboys, and only BK and Grandpa picked the Eagles over the 49ers.  We almost went with no identical picks, but Kremer and Laura must have been sitting next to one another in class.  The question is, who cheated off whom?  And fun enough, Kremer's tiebreaker is 47, Laura's...48.  Big fun.  Aaaalllllll righty, then!  Let's get to it!  Skol Vikings!!!

p.s.  The song is for 84

Week 4 Winners - BK & Tim!

Apparently the Patriots prefer their tuna with dolphin!  The butt kicking that the Pats handed out jumped the Savage Southpaw into a tie with BK for the Week 4 win!  The run up in the score gave SS the song choice...SS=So Sexy??  Overall, this win helped BK come screaming out of The Cellar, gaining 6 spots to T-7.  SS jumped 3 spots to T-3 with the shared win.  Kremer and Laura each increased 2 spots to T-3 and T-7, respectively.  Danny gained 1 spot to be tied for the lead again, and Matt grabbed one to T-3.  Poor Linnea really took it on the chin this week, dropping 4 to replace BK in The Cellar.  Gayle lost 3 spots and Karen 2.  Congrats to BK and SS!  But with the tiebreaker SS gets to do his little turn on the catwalk  Yeah on the catwalk.  On the catwalk, yeah.  He shakes his little touche on the catwalk!

Week 4

Week 4 is ready to go early...you're welcome, SS!  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous picks:  Saints, Packers, & Colts.  Solo pick:  Matt with Denver.  This week loses some of its mystique without a Vikings game, but there should still be some interesting things.  BK & DK are the only ones that think Donovan can go back to Philly and show Vick what a quarterback can do.  The married couple from Eagan and Grandpa think San Francisco can come through.  Buck and Linnea don't buy into the Jets swagger.  Laura and Linnea think the Dog Pound has some bite behind their bark.  There are some pretty good splits, and this should be a fun week.  Good luck to all!

Week 3 Winner - Gwen!

And Blondie show's what's up!!  13 wins sets the bar another notch higher for this season of NFL w/ g!  Gwen's lone pick of St. Louis set her apart from the rest.  Sure, Oakland didn't come through, but "SCOREBOARD!!"  Not only did Blondie take the week, but she vaulted 3 positions to take the Yellow Jersey!  Gayle also jumped three spots to join the party at T-9.  Sam climbed 2 spots to T-6, and Karen and Linnea increased their rank by one to T-9.  Kremer took a hit, dropping 3 spots to 5.  Buck and Tim each dropped 2 spots to T-6.  Garner and Laura dropped 1 to T-2 and T-9, respectively.  And what has two thumbs and is settling into a familiar cellar spot? ... this guy!  Even though DK dropped one spot, he's the only one that has been in double digits every week.  It was another week of "Oh, c'mon!" and "Seriously?!"  But Blondie takes it all and is all good with the fact that...This $#&! is bananas!  B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Week 3

Sorry it's late this week.  Unanimous picks:  Bengals, Patriots, Ravens, Colts and Vikings.  Solo picks:  Gwen with Oakland and St. Louis and Matt with Seattle.  Skol Vikings!!!

Week 2 Winner - Garner!

And Grandpa takes it all!  This results in some big moves.  Grandpa jumps 6 spots to T-2.  Gwen and Tim each jump 4 to T-4.  Kremer and Matt increase 2 spots to T-2 and T-4, respectively.  Gayle dropped 9 spots to T-12 with BK who dropped 4.  Karen lost 5 spots to T-10, and Buck and Laura each lost 3 spots.  Big movement in Week 2!!!  Congratulations, Grandpa!  Get your whistle on!  Best week so far!

Week 2

Here we go with Week 2.  It should be another interesting week.  There are three solo picks this week:  Gayle with Buffalo over Green Bay, Buck with Washington over Houston, and Tim with San Francisco over New Orleans.  Unanimous picks are:  Eagles over Lions, Titans over Steelers, Vikings over Dolphins, and Broncos over Seahawks.  Can anyone roll the first ever 16 win week?  There's this week and next week before byes start.  Good luck to everybody!  Skol Vikings!!

Week 1 Winners - Buck & Danny!

NFL w/ g kicks off with an 11-win tie between Ten Dimes and Big D!  TD won the tiebreaker for first song choice of the year.  This was one of the lower win percentages to take the cake, but Week 1 is always tough.  Things are pretty bunched up with a 6-way tie for 8th (last) at 8 wins.  At least we're starting with everyone over 0.500 this year.  In 2008, Buck, Matt, and Laura started with 7 wins.  Last year, Garner started out low man with 9 wins.  Gwen won Week 1 last year with a whopping 14 wins.  There's a lot more to look forward to this year.  There's no Thursday pick this week, so picks will be due 11:00 AM CDT on Sunday morning.  It's early, so don't stop believing!  Congrats, TD and D!

Well, here we go with the first Sunday of NFL w/ g.  Grandpa is the only one starting out 1-0, everyone else had too much pride.  The only pick that everyone agrees on this week is the Titans over the Raiders.  Solo picks:  Linnea with Carolina and Philadelphia and Matt with Detroit.  It looks like we're going to have another great year.  Who will win the first week and get the first song?  When will someone ever get a perfect week?  How many wins will take the cake this year?  Where's Waldo?  Why am I still typing?  Skol Vikings!!

Who's Pumped???

Is anyone else as jacked as me for football season???  And with a new season comes a new year of NFL w/ g!!  We're all undefeated, unstoppable, unhumiliated, and understandably sure that this is our year.  There's no whining yet (SS), no rich text abuse (Mr. E), no "Go Giants" (TD), no ten minutes to type two sentences (MM), no awful "It's All About Me" song (LA), and no picking teams based on how cute their "outfits" are (Blondie/K-Sand).  Thursday night is the first game.  I can't quite remember who's playing...probably not important.  Go to the Thursday Pick page and enter your pick.  Thursday pick is due by 6:30 sharp!  Sunday picks will be due at 11:00 sharp!  This is different from years before.  All picks are due 1 hour before first kickoff Sunday, except for Thursday games (you're welcome, SS).  This will give everybody time to get their sheets ready.  This decision comes directly from the Commish, and is final.

This is going to be a great year!  I've tinkered with the pick system to limit my mistakes and how much work Sam has had to do to get me pointed in the right direction.  The tiebreaker rule for the song is the same:  total points for designated MNF or SNF game.  If there is a tiebreaker tie, it will be a Price is Right style where the lower number wins.  For example, if the total point score is 50 and there is a 40 and 52, 52 wins.  If it was 48 and 52, 48 wins.  As always, if there are any questions, suggestions, or anything, put them in the Contact BK section.

Now...get pumped! get your picks in! and Skol Vikings!!!!