Week 17 Winner - Tim!

The Savage Southpaw logs his second win in the final week of NFL w/ g!  His 14/16 rockets him up four places to T-8.  I love the song pick, going with the Vikings rouser in a "go team" sort of move.  This leaves Grandpa in last place after a second-to-last finish last year...ouch!  He was not able, however, to match BK's record performance last year of only getting 139 correct.  Actually, everybody finished above .600 this year, so that's pretty solid.  Buck broke the .700 mark and topped Karen's wins from last year by 7...very nice!  Poor Robbie was the only player not to have a win, but still finished T-11.

Let's give out the medals!  Bronze:  we don't need no stinkin' bronze.  Silver:  holding his place in the last week and finishing five places better than last year..."Mr. Emoticon" - Sam Anderson! and picking 13 games correctly the last week to sneak into a second place tie and match his 2008/09 finish..."Marshall Medic" - Bill Kremer!  Aaaaaaand the gold:  setting an NFL w/ g record 180 picks and hitting the podium for his first time..."Ten Dimes" - Buck!  (I'd have put "Bill Schmidt," but who wouldn't have had to think twice to know who that guy is?)  Congrats, TD!

Now some other awards.  Most improved award:  BK!  Increased 27 picks from last year.  When you're that bad the prior year, there's nowhere to go but up!  Mr. Consistent award:  Kremer!  Second year in a row grabbing second place.  Amid all the upsets and crazy finishes, making the podium back-to-back is impressive!  MVP (Mystically Visionary Picker) award:  Sam!  5 of 6 and 4 weeks in a row with a win.  Weeks 6-11 were all about Sam as he was some sort of fortune teller!  Short straw award:  DK!  6 wins last year, 1 this year.  DK increased his total picks by 2 from last year but only won one week compared to six last year!

That's all I've got for awards.  I just made them up, so if you have any ideas for other awards, go to Trash Talk.  Until next time, Skol Vikings!

Week 17

This is it!  The final countdown!  I'm sure you've all been watching the shows and know the scenario, but here it is.  If the Vikings lose, the winner between Philly/Dallas gets the first round bye.  If the Vikings win, they need the Cowboys to win to get the bye.  That means a Philly win gets them the bye regardless.  So lets look at picks.  Unanimous:  SF, MIN, CHI, and DEN.  Solo:  Buck with TB and Garner with OAK.  Buck and Sam differ on 2 picks, so it looks like it's over.  Nice job, Buck!  You need 6 correct to tie Karen from last year.  It's a heated battle to get to the podium.  Sam, Kremer, Gwen, Danny, and Matt all have a chance to medal.  It should be exciting!  It hurts a little to say, but "Here we go Cowboys!  Here we go!"  Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winners - Gayle, Karen, Kremer, Laura

4-way this week!  Congrats, g-Unit, K-Sand, Marshall Medic, and LA Woman!  Buck now has 167 and has an 8-pick lead going into the last week.  Sounds like it's time for the "Victory Formation".  So Buck can take a knee, but Karen can celebrate - "woo hoo"!  Yeah, it may still be a sophomore slump, but a win's a win.  So listen to the Wedding-song-of-all-wedding-songs and give props to K-Sand on her second win. 

Week 16

Well, it happened.  Buck's lead over Sam is six, and they differ on six picks this week.  Sam already has SD picked correctly.  The others that Sam picked that Buck didn't are Oakland, Miami, Jacksonville, Detroit, and New York Jets.  This could either make week 17 really exciting or really dull.  Let's look at everyone else's picks.  Unanimous picks:  Falcons, Saints, Cardinals, and Vikings.  Solo:  Linnea with the Seahawks, Gayle with the Panthers, and Sam with the Jaguars.  Only Garner and Robbie picked KC, only Sam and Robbie picked Detroit, only Matt and Sam picked NYJ, and only Danny and Linnea picked Washington.  Other than that, things are pretty well split.  There could be some major discrepancies in this week's scores.  Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winner - Matt!

Two Fish gets his first win of the year and jumps three spots to T-4.  Sam gained one on Buck, but his lead is six with only two weeks left...gonna be tough to catch.  Danny was the other gainer, moving up one spot to T-4.  Laura and Kremer dropped one spot, and BK cannonballed 4...splash!!!  Sam and Buck are both averaging 10+ picks correct per week...that's pretty darn good.  The rest of us are at least respectable as nobody is batting below 0.600.  Other than that...can't wait to see you all at Christmas!  Congratulations, Matty!!!

Week 15

Four more shopping days until Christmas!  Week 15 starts Sunday with Sam 2-0 and Tim 0-2.  Who knew Dallas could win in December???  Here's a quick rundown.  Unanimous picks:  Arizona, New England, Houston, and Minnesota.  Solo picks:  Tim with the Jaguars (loss), Sam with the Cowboys (win), BK with the Dolphins, and Garner with the Raiders and Redskins.  For anyone keeping score, Buck leads Sam by seven picks and the only one they differed on was Dallas @ New Orleans, so Sam will pick up one on Buck.  He's going to be hard to catch with only these three weeks left.  Skol Vikings!!

Week 14 Winner - Karen!

K-Sand celebrates her first win this year with some T Swizzle!  Apparently she was an "awful good girl" and got her "'54 convertible, too, light blue" in the form of her first NFL w/ g win since week 11 last year.  So bite your tongue, NFL w/ g, about the sophomore slump this week (unless you'd like to venture to the all-too-quiet Trash Talk).  K-Sand is one of two big movers this week.  Both her and LA jumped three spots to T-10 and T-7, respectively.  Matt and Robbie each gained one to T-11 and T-12, respectively.  Props to Matty on his solo pick of San Fran this week.  Gayle dropped one to be tied with Robbie at 12th.  Garner, Linnea, and Tim each dropped two places.  Buck tacked two onto his lead and is now 7 picks ahead of Sam and 11 ahead of third place BK, Gwen, and Kremer.  Yikes!  It might be locked up with only 3 weeks left.  It was a big week, though, as only 4 NFL w/ g'ers were in the single digits.  Buck only needs to average 8 right per week to tie Karen from last year.  He's currently carrying a 700+ batting average.  Pretty impressive.  Matt, Gayle, and Robbie remain the lonely few without a piece of a win.  But this week belongs to the reigning champ!  Congrats, K-Sand!  'Bout damn time!!!!

Week 14

It'll be another tester this week for the Vikings.  We need this to prove we can be a good team!  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Steelers (loss), Saints, Vikings, Ravens, and Titans.  Solo:  Linnea with Chicago and Matt with San Francisco.  Sam and Gayle picked Indianapolis to get their first loss.  The BUF @ KC, NYJ @ TB, MIA @ JAC, WAS @ OAK, SD @ DAL, and PHI @ NYG games are pretty split.  There could be some movement this week!  Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winners - Buck, DK, Linnea!

Green Bay's win gave Ten Dimes and DK a tie with Cherry Pie!  Scoring gives Buck the song choice.  I usually try not to be biased on the Homepage, but I think the lyrics, "I'm your biggest fan.  I'll follow you until you love me," might be directed toward Eli...not sure, just speculating.  Either way, TD throws a cushion on his lead.  Sam is now 5 back, and 3rd is 12 behind.  A quick look at position changes:  Losing one spot:  Gayle, Karen (coming full circle to tied for last ), Tim, and Laura.  Matt dropped 2.  Robbie gained one.  DK, Kremer, and Linnea gained two.  Congrats, Buck!  You are in a solid position going into the last 4 weeks.

Week 13

Week 13 is almost under way.  Anyone else as excited as DK and me to see how Jared Allen introduces himself tonight?  Eight are starting 1-0, but who will emerge as the winner?  Let's look at picks.  Unanimous:  Bengals, Saints, Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Chargers and Vikings.  Solo:  Garner with Atlanta, BK with Kansas City.  There are a lot of the same picks, but including the Thursday game, there are three games that are split 6-8...makes for some good action that we haven't seen much of this year.  Here's to AP hanging onto the ball this week.  Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winner - Buck!

Ten Dimes cashes in for the second time this year.  This was his second time getting 14 wins in a week this year, but this time it took 16 games!  TD let Sam enjoy first outright for one week before he reestablished supremacy.  Let's look at moves.  The good:  Buck +1, Garner +2, DK +3.  The bad:  Linnea and Sam -1, Robbie -2.  The ugly:  GK goes all "BK2008" on the picks and drops 4 spots!  Garner's move snuck him out of the basement as he pushed Robbie down the stairs.  Grandpa is now T-12 with Karen...only 1 off the bottom (I'm not going to say it, but I'm thinking it as hard as I can).  Congratulations on your second win and reclaiming of top dog, Buck!  Bring on another week!

Week 12

Who's ready for another week of Vikings football?  DK is the only one starting off Sunday unblemished, and Gayle put up an O-fer!  Let's talk picks quickly.  Unanimous:  Eagles, Chargers, Vikings.  Solo:  Gayle with Detroit (loss), Danny with Denver (win), Buck with Buffalo, and Matt with St. Louis.  There were some pick changes from yesterday's news that Big Ben won't be at the helm for the Steelers - me being one.  There should be some good games this week, but everyone is looking forward to Monday night.  Will New England dish out an undefeated team's first loss like they couldn't versus the Colts, or will New Orleans show that they are for real?  Good stuff coming!  Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winner - Sam!

Not to be judgmental, but if I had just been atop 4 weeks in a row AND just taken over first place, I'd have picked a little more manly/powerful song than something by Sir Elton.  Darth Vader's theme music or something!  But that's what we do in this spot...armchair quarterback.  Four straight and 5 of the last 6!  This is domination that the NFL w/ g has never witnessed.  Let's talk position changes.  Buck, Gwen, Karen, and Robbie all dropped one.  Linnea dropped two and Gayle three.  Tim and Laura both gained a spot, and Kremer jumped 2.  Our beloved Grandpa Garner remains the lone wolf without triple digits.  I'd feel bad, but after Week 11 last year, good ol' BK only had 79 correct.  Garner would have tied that if he didn't enter any picks the first TWO weeks.  Yeah, I'm that guy.  Anyway...hats off, Mr. Emoticon.  You still only have two weeks of picks not in double digits and over the past six weeks are - like Snoop and his white laundry - washing the rest of NFL w/ g in Blea-otch!

Week 11

Late today as I'm just back from Iowa City.  Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winners - BK, Gwen, & Sam!

Double digits deserve decoration!  BK chalks up his first win, Blondie her second, and Mr. Emoticon says "Threepeat!" with his 4th win!  The offensive juggernauts that faced off last night gave Sam the tiebreaker and more of his music.  Let's talk about this week's movers.  BK, Gwen, Karen, Matt, and Sam all climbed 1 spot.  Sam's move puts him tied with Buck for the lead.  DK jumped 2 spots, and Tim popped up 3.  Robbie took the Tiger Wood's approach this week and "went low".  It's our 3rd fiver of the year (Gayle week 2, Garner week 9), and it cost him 1 slot.  Linnea and Laura each dropped 3 spots.  We are now left with Dire DK, Com"missing"er Gayle, Sophomore Slump Sandback and her son, and Melancholy Matt as the only non winners (we don't like to say losers here...save it for Trash Talk).  What a week!

Don't forget your Thursday Pick!  11/19 7:00 pm CST deadline.

Week 10

Ooo wee oooo!  Finally we're back to Vikings football!  We have 4 folks starting out in the hole this week as they'll kindly thank Jay Cutler for that.  Bygones, right?  Anyway, there were some tough picks this week with some really good teams matched up...and some really trbl teams matched up.  I mean just completely trbl.  Unanimous picks:  Vikings, Dolphins, and Saints.  Solo picks:  Linnea with Washington, Jacksonville, Seattle, and Cleveland, BK with Cincinnati, and Robbie with Buffalo.  Looks like Linnea is having another "all-in" weekend...best of luck, way to not be one of the sheep.  Other than that, methinks that Detroit is in for a long day at the hands (or should I say feet) of AP.  My prediction this week:  208 yards and 3 TDs.  You can put it in the book!  Skol Vikings!

Week 9 Winner - Sam!

Take care, TCB!  Mr. Emoticon earns some props going back-to-back!  He has not hit double digits on two weeks...nobody else can say that.  This now also puts Sam only 1 pick behind Buck!  Me thinks someone is hearing footsteps.  Alright, movers and shakers this week:  Kremer, Tim, and Laura all dropped 3 spots and Garner lost one spot to solidify his spot at the base of the totem pole.  Linnea and Gwen each vaulted 3 spots to T-4 with BK.  Robbie climbed one in the rankings, as well, to secure 11th.  Things sure are getting tight!  Week 10 will have one bye, and that will be it for the year.  15 games this week, 16 from there out.  Plenty of time to make a move!  Congratulations, Mr. Emoticon!  Sock it to me!

~~~~~Alert!!!  Game on Thursday!!  Please enter your Thursday Pick on the page made for it.  You don't have to have your other picks in until the usual time.

Week 9

The waiting is the hardest part.  The bye week is great to rest a team, but the fans pay the price.  Was there really a point to getting up before 4 pm today?  Not really.  I guess one reason could be to see the NFL w/ g picks.  Take a look.  Unanimous picks:  Patriots, Eagles, Steelers.  Solo picks:  Gayle with Washington, Sam with Tampa Bay, and Garner with Kansas City.  Will the undefeateds falter this week?  Hard to say.  The only thing that's certain this week:  the Browns can't lose!  But I'm sure it will be close.  Here's something exciting...we'll know who will at least have a share of the win after the late games.  Sunday night means nothing, and Monday only matters if we need a tiebreaker.  10 games matter.  10 games, 14 players, 1 champion.  Get some rest Vikings!

Week 8 Winners - Tim & Sam!

Week 8

Week 8 is about to get going, and the Vikes have a bone to pick.  We're coming off a loss and going to Lambeau with a purple 4 at the helm.  There has never been anything in sports like this.  I'm sure there are Packers fans that will feel horribly betrayed.  But we have betrayal among us that rivals this.  Unanimous picks for the week:  Indianapolis only.  Solo picks:  Matt with Miami, Linnea with Cleveland,Carolina and Oakland, and Garner with....wait for it....wait for it....nope...can't even say it.  Let's just say it's bad.  Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winner - Garner!

Grandpa whistles while he works us over!  With only two wrong, this week was a breeze for him.  Buck and Gayle were the only others with double digits.  Gayle's performance rocketed her 4 places to T-4.  While Kremer (Mr. Studypants) dropped 3 spots to T-7.  Buck's lead has again swelled to 5.  The only other moves in rankings were BK, Grandpa, and Laura gaining 1 place, and DK and Linnea losing one spot.  Sorry, D, Grandpa called "I got top bunk!" for your room in the basement!  All in all, things are still pretty tight.  Week 10 will mark the last week with byes, so there will again be 16 games to pick.  For now, with these smaller weeks, things can go real bad (or real good) in a hurry.  Congratulations, Grandpa (or should I say Benedict?)!  Whistle away!

Week 7

Big test this week.  Going to this year's home of the Lombardi trophy...get your game face on!  But let's cut to the chase.  We have a first this week...the first picks against the Vikes in NFL w/ g.  Garner, Tim, and Laura committed treason this week.  Oh, boy!  Unanimous:  Packers, Colts, Patriots, Eagles.  Solo:  Tim with KC, Robbie with BUF.  Terry Bradshaw said that if the Vikings beat the reigning Super Bowl champs at home, he's jumping on our bandwagon...do we have room?  Saddle up, NFL w/ g!  It's time to take down the champs.  Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon had the deal sealed for his song when the Denver-San Diego game had enough points.  Denver's win made it outright.  Sam and BK each jumped 3 spots this week to T-2 and T-4, respectively.  Gwen was the big mover as she forgot to pull the ripcord and dropped 4 places.  Buck's lead still remains 3, but this week was his first score not in double digits...hearing footsteps???  Anyway...Shout it out loud, the Vikes are still undefeated!!!  So along with the Broncos, Colts, and scary-good Saints, we'll have the '72 Dolphins keep the cork in the champagne bottle for now.  Congratulations, Mr. Emoticon!  Let the abuse of rich text begin!  See you in Trash Talk!

Week 6

Do you have it?  GUTS!  This is the first test of our offense against a real defense.  Jacksonville, Minnesota, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York Jets, and New England are all unanimous picks this week.  Garner with Chicago is the only solo pick.  The boys on Fox were addressing fan comments about "Where is AP?".  They say he's fine, and I agree.  He is going to do something special today.  He is going to climb the Agro Crag, and there will be no doubt when Moe gives us the official results.  (How good did Nickelodeon use to be?)  Skol Vikings!!

Week 5 Winner - Linnea!

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes 11 picks to win NFL w/ g.  Just making double digits won't do it.  Your amp must go to 11 if you want a shot at glory!  Congratulations, Cherry Pie, you've now taken over second place alone!  Buck still has the lead, but only by 3 picks now.  BK and Gayle popped 3 in the rankings, but the big mover was Robbie...and in the wrong direction.  Poor Robbie dropped 5 spots from second - yowza!  LA broke her streak of 11's and dropped a spot.  Matt and DK crawled out of the basement, but left Grandpa there!  Miami was a "cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise" against the Jets as their win sealed the deal for Cherry Pie.  Five teams are still undefeated, let's hope the Vikings can put the Ravens away next week to stay that way!

Week 5

Upset alert, NFL w/ g!!  The King of Early Picks, Sam, was...wait for it...LAST to get his picks in this week.  It was close, but Gwen's picks were submitted less than a minute before Sam!  This is something I never expected.  But let's get to the meat of today's sports sandwich.  Let's talk turkey about unanimous and solo picks.  Unanimous:  Ravens, Giants, Vikings, Eagles, and Cardinals.  Solo:  Robbie with Washington and Gayle with Detroit.  This week could come down to the tiebreaker.  More sandwich:  how is Chad Ochocinco going to ham it up this week?  He says his TD celebration is going to be Ricky Bobby-esque and he's already written the check for the fine.  Tennessee is going to be in a pickle if they can't get their first win as Tim and Laura think they will.  Danny and Sam think Denver can take down the big cheese of the AFC, New England.  Linnea, Garner, and Sam have a beef with Dallas as they think lowly KC will take them down.  Linnea and Matt think Buffalo can't cut the mustard against Cleveland.  But Danny thinks a fortune cookie he read will make him the breadwinner this week.  We'll see...anyway...  Lettuce hope the Vikes come out strong today!  Skol Vikings!

Week 4 Winner - Buck!

Wow.  That's all you can say.  Trash talk means nothing....SCOREBOARD!!!!  BK, DK, and Gwen have all had 14 correct picks in a week...but that was with 16 games.  Ten Dimes did it!!!  Perfection!!!!!  Buck went 14/14 this week.  WOW!!!  Now the only way to top him is going 16/16.  Totally impressive.  So impressive it seems moot to make fun of choosing "New York, New York" for a song even though his "beloved" Giants play in New Jersey, New Jersey.  Like I said, all he has to do is smile and point at the scoreboard.  How do you secure being in first place??...oh, I don't know...go 14/14 in your picks...that usually works.  Congrats, Buck...that's really something!

Week 4

Can you feel it?  The magic number is FOUR!  OUR quarterback number FOUR is trying to get us to FOUR and "oh yeah!" in week FOUR versus his old team...not the Falcons.  FOUR heaven's sake this is exciting!  FOURget about golfing, as you'd get too excited FOUR Monday night that after every shot you'd have to yell "FOUR!"  He is our team's FOURman with the FOURtitude to take us a long way.  Packers fans will FOURce a smile when talking about their FOURmer QB, but they're terrified of this more than FOURmiddable foe!  Let's take a look at picks.  Unanimous:  Chicago, Indianapolis, New York Giants, Washington, Houston, San Francisco, Minnesota.  Solo:  Garner with Cleveland.  Only FOURteen games this week as FOUR teams have byes.  So enjoy your football today...and don't FOURget about our Twins...but get ready FOUR tomorrow night!  Are you ready FOUR some football?!  Skol Vikings!

Week 3 Winner - Kremer!

Wooooo!  Is Ric Flair in the house???  The Marshall Medic celebrates his first win with a resounding tympani roll.  Thirteen wins wasn't good enough when he did it the first week, but this week it makes him king of the castle, very nice.  Good showings again this week as only 3 people didn't make it to double digits.  If you check out the Totals page, you'll notice some changes.  I've added our Amateur Division to the Leader Board.  They do it in golf, so why not here?...especially considering they are T-2 and only one off the lead.  Maybe this will help our so-called "pros" step their game up!  Looking at the board, only two people haven't averaged 10 to get to 30 so far...I won't mention any names.  As is possible early on, there were some big movers this week.  BK and Linnea dropped 5 in the rankings, and DK dropped 8!!!  Kremer had a great week, gaining 6 spots to put him T-5.  Kremer's making a charge and trying to put the league in a Figure Four Leg Lock to get the rest of us to tap out.  Let's go, peeps!

Week 3

Ding ding!  Round 3.  Favre is coming to his new home today...can you feel the excitement?  We have 4 unanimous picks today:  Green Bay, Minnesota, Baltimore, and New York Giants.  Solo picks are Linnea with Jacksonville and Carolina.  These could be the make or break picks for her...we'll have to see.  Kremer, Sam, and Tim think that the Motor City Pu - er - Kitties are going to break their streak today.  Oh, ye of little faith!  Sure they're at home, but they WILL find a way to lose.  They're so bad that if there were captains picking football teams, the kid with scoliosis and prescription shoes would get picked before them!  Hey-Oh!  Anyhoooo...this could be a week where teams can show if going 2-0 was a fluke or if they're the real deal.  Time to get down to business.  Skol Vikings!

Week 2 Winner - Laura!

LA Woman Sunday afternoon.  The Doors said it first and she proved Sunday afternoon was not as difficult as the rest of us thought.  Only 2 made it to double digits this week...ouch.  No records set this week, even though the Commish gave a run at BK's low score (3/14).  I shouldn't speak too soon...I guess there was a record set this week...MOST ANNOYING SONG EVER!  You can at least turn off the speakers, but I had to listen to this - twice - to make sure it worked properly.  There are some things you can't un-hear.  While we've had our Rocky and songs declaring our greatness...LA Woman is - as annoyingly as possible - saying "It's all about me."  THIS is what it's supposed to be about.  THIS song defines how you rub it in (even if this is a little overboard and inhumane).  If you played this song to a prisoner to try to get a confession, it would be considered a war crime.  Oh, and if anyone is wondering it's "It's All About Me" by Chelsea Staub from the Bratz soundtrack.  Oh, yes...BRATZ!  Well played, LA Woman.  Great picks this week.  Consistency is key in this league and with 11 wins two weeks in a row, I'd say you've got your Mojo Risin'.

Week 2

Sorta like Week 1:  The Sequel.  And yes, Gwen does have her certificate on the fridge.  Quick pick recap:  Everyone likes Minnesota, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh.  Solo picks are Gwen with the Jets, Gayle with the Rams, and Tim with the Dolphins.  I don't know about you guys, but I thought there were some tough picks this week.  Picking between KC and Oakland was like picking who would win in a fight between Pee Wee Herman and Steve from Blues Clues.  It was like picking who would win in a footrace between Rush Limbaugh and Brian Dennehy.  Like a right handed thumb war between Jim Abbot and a monkey...too mean.  Like a high jump between Steven Hawking and Christopher Reeve...definitely too mean.  Wait...one more...like a quiz show between Megan Fox and anyone with severe brain damage.  Either way, we're probably in store for a few - albeit sinful - laughs.  Skol Vikings!

Week 1 Winner - Gwen!

After an O-fer last year, she comes roaring out of the gates, tying the record for most correct picks in a week!  She picked Blondie to serenade us this week, so we'll take the easy way out and FINALLY assign a nickname:  Blondie.  I suppose it's apt as she is the only Schmidt daughter that was ever naturally blonde (Kelly Rrrrrripa).  There were some big numbers this week with 14 taking the cake, five 13's, and four 12's.  Only one person kept it in single digits this week...but picking KC and St. Louis can either make you look like a genius or like someone that barely finished over 0.500 last year (ow).  There weren't any major upsets this week other than the Niners beating the NFC champs.  There will be some interesting matchups soon as some bubble teams look like they're ready to put up a fight.  We had a new record set this week:  earliest picks entry.  Sam officially entered his picks Monday, September 14 at 3:20 pm.  5 days, 20 hours, and 40 minutes before the first kickoff.  I'm speechless.  Congratulations on your first W, Blondie.  But remember...there are now 13 people that, one way or another, wanna gitchya gitchya gitchya gitchya!

***Side note:  I want to make sure I have everybody's correct email address so I can send blast emails if need be (special announcements or whatnot).  Either email me directly at wgkremer@gmail.com or go to the Contact BK page and send me your email address.

Week 1

I'm Superfan and Webmaster BK, and Vikings football IS ON!  Welcome back to NFL w/ g!  Football season is upon us and I heard the Vikes got a new quarterback.  Some dude that used to play for the Falcons, but not Vick.  Anyway...I'm giddy with giddy-up about this upcoming season.  As an incurable superfan optimist, this is THE YEAR!  AP is looking top notch, our D line looks hungry, and our linebackers are ready to crush the run again!  Submit your picks!!!  Click here or go to the Make Your Picks Page.  Storylines to start the year:  Will K-Sand suffer the sophomore slump?  Will BK come roaring back and achieve mediocrity?  Will Sam rampantly abuse rich fonts (we know that's a yes)?  Will Kremer spend those long minutes pecking out 2-line zingers?  Will Gwen ever get a certificate?  Will the Savage Southpaw whine about something (again, a yes)?  Will Buck pick against the Giants?  Will g pick "We All Need a Little Christmas" as a song...even if it's the first week (another yes)?  Will somebody ever LoJack Waldo so he isn't so hard to find next to those red and white beach umbrellas?  All these stories and Andy Rooney coming up.

First game is Thursday...GET YOUR PICKS IN, PEEPS!