Week 17 Winner - BK!

And he finally does it!  BK leaves Gwen as the only non-certificate-getter-person!  The thing is...BK set the record for fewest wins and lowest winning percentage for a week, and also - in his win - tied most wins in a week.  But his meager total is sad; only beating Robbie, who had 73 wins, but only started in Week 10.  Since Robbie started, though, his win percentage is 0.579, while BK pulled off a cumulative 0.543.  Even though Gwen never had a win, her tie for fourth gives BK two awards this week:  the win and most dismal season performance!  Also of note:  after Tommy's red-hot start, the last six weeks he batted 0.542.  He still won the amateur division and would have taken 4th overall, but that was a rough finish for him.  But this is all about 2 awards now.  Karen obviously wins Rookie of the Year, but - more importantly - she wins overall!  With 173/256 correct (0.676) she not only won the league, she dominated!  After Week 4, Danny was in the lead.  All 16 other weeks, K-Sand was king of the castle!  This is domination that we've never seen.  Sweet, innocent, deadly.  That's what her picks were!  Congratulations, K-Sand!  You honestly dominated the season!  Until next year....Skol Vikings!

Week 17

This is it!  The finale!  For all the bacon!  Karen is leading DK and Kremer by 6...and Danny differs with her on 3 picks and Kremer 4!  Gwen only differs with Karen on 2 picks.  I do believe the fat lady is warming up the old vocals.  Anyway, we have bigger fish to fry...Giants, actually!  Chilly has asked that the Chicago @ Houston game score not be shown at Metrodome.  I say it doesn't matter, we'll take care of ourselves.  News from the basement, BK trails Garner by 7 picks...they differ on 8!  Holy consolation prize, Batman!  Other than that, Baltimore is the only unanimous pick this week.  Sammy is betting on Detroit not making history today...BOO!  So...go, Pack, go!  Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winner - Linnea!

11 picks does the trick this week!  BTB gets her second win and first outright.  She was also the only person in double digits this week!!  Holy cow, what happened?!  This was one rough week.  When I told Linnea she had things clinched on Sunday, she was like, "I though I was doing crappy!"  Ouch, y'all!  Anywho...one week and two losers remaining.  BK and Gwen have yet to receive a victory certificate.  DK's fridge is covered with them with 6 wins, but others go wanting.  Karen's lead is now 6 over DK and Kremer.  Week 17 can be tricky because of so many teams' fates established, so a 6-pick comeback isn't completely out of the question.  BK is now 7 out of not last...not looking hopeful there.  It should be a battle for bragging rights within the ranks!  Congratulations, Linnea!  Merry Christmas!

All games are on Sunday this week.  Tiebreaker will be Sunday Night Football total score.

Week 16

The heat is on in the NFL, and we're stuck in the deep freeze.  Buck, Kremer, and Matt come in to Sunday perfect, and Gayle comes in carrying a goose egg.  The only unanimous pick this week is the Jets.  If Minnesota wins or Green Bay wins, the Vikes are in the playoffs!  Gonna sting a bit today cheering for the cheese nuggets.  But who cares.  Love for the Purple outshines any other hate!  I've heard a lot of negativity that the Vikes can't do this.  BULL!  If we play like we did last week, there isn't another team that can beat us!  We can do this!  You gotta BELIEVE!!!!  Like AD says on Happy-Go-Fun-Day, "I'm so there."  Get on board, folks!  Skol Vikings!!!!!!

Week 15 Winner - Danny!

And Big-D does it again, and I'm not talking about the bogus "America's Team" (don't you hate that they call the Cowboys that?).  This win gives D the 6th total win and 2nd outright win.  Things are getting exciting into the last two weeks.  Gwen and Kremer are 6 behind Karen with Danny 7 back.  In the race for not last, BK picked up 5 on Garner this week, and now is only 4 steps from being out of the basement.  BK and Gwen are still the only ones without even a share of a win...two weeks to go!  Nice job, again, D!

Also, there is a Saturday game this week.  All picks need to be in before 7:00 PM on Saturday.

Week 15

Here we go with week 15!  I'm stuck in a land of ice and snow.  Good night to watch football.  Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winner - Sam!

Congrats to Mr. Emoticon for his third win!  He had to sweep Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football, and he pulled it off.  Without that sweep, Gwen would have gotten her name on the board for a share of the win for the first time this year.  It's now just BK and Gwen that don't have a congratulations certificate.  Three weeks left.  Who knows what could happen?

Week 14

Time to crush the "Soon-Not-To-Be-Motor-City" Kitties.  Everybody likes our boys in purple, Indianapolis, and Tennessee.  Gayle has Houston in an upset, Sam has Philadelphia over the blue, and lots of us picked San Francisco to beat the Bretts.  We control our destiny!  It is time to make our push to the postseason!  FYI...I should have the 2008 NFL w/ g Christmas logo up by halftime.  Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winner - Gayle!

And G Unit, aka the Commish, breaks through with 13!  12 didn't do it this week.  Karen is starting to create some space at the top, so you peeps up there need to dig deep to try to catch her.  But more importantly than all of this...THE VIKES ARE IN 1ST PLACE IN THE NFC NORTH!!!!  Woo!!!  It's time to believe.  We are coming into stride at the right time, and there is hope.  Hey, Trent Dilfer has a ring as a starting quarterback, and Gus is definitely better than him.  Believe, people!!!!!  Congrats, g!

Week 13

Gobble gobble!  I don't know about you, but I'm still stuffed.  6 of us are perfect coming into "Happy-Go-Fun-Day."  Picks breakdown:  everyone but Tommy and Robbie like Miami, Matt thinks the Redskins are going to upset the Football Giants, Grandpa likes the orange and black to shred the Ravens, and the Colts, Jets, and Vikings have all of our support.  That's all for now.  Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winners - Danny, Garner, & Kremer!

Big D, Grandpa, and the Marshall Medic take the cake.  Twelve wins is a magic number that has only been beaten once this year.  We have a couple interesting battles at this point:  Danny passes Gwen for third place, and Kremer is now within 3 of Karen!  We are coming down the stretch, and things are getting interesting; the top 7 are within 10 picks, BK climbed to .500, and the Vikes are still in the playoff hunt.  Can't wait to see what this week brings!!

Week 12 hijinx

Well, pretty easy pickings with Pittsburgh on Thursday, huh?  The Vikings, Cowboys, and Broncos are all unanimous.  The only lone pick this week is Garner with the Motor City Kitties getting their first win...should be interesting.  I really don't have much to say this morning after last night's "incident."  Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Karen & Linnea!

There's no tying in football!  Wait...yes there is, Donovan.  Can you believe multiple players involved in Sunday's tie thought that there was no tying in the NFL???  Good grief!  Good thing they have college degrees to fall back on.  So there was a tie in the NFL and in NFL w/ g.  Congratulations to K-Sand and BTB (bride-to-be)!  In a show of good sportsmanship or gloating about having picked so many songs (more likely the latter), K-Sand has deferred the song choice to BTB despite winning the tiebreaker.  So enjoy a little Devo, don't forget to make your Thursday Pick, and "Whip it good!"

Week 11...the beginning of the playoff run...

We know Danny thinks he's the greatest man that ever lived, but it's time for Vikings kickoff...and their music!  Immigrant Song is way better than Welcome to the Jungle for the Vikes in my opinion.  We come from the land of the Ice and Snow...except for the Sandbacks and Gwen again!  No love for haters!  Let's break it down.  Everyone likes the Giants and Colts this week.  BK, Garner, Sam, and Tim believe that the mighty Titans shall fall.  Garner likes Cincinnatti and Detroit and has the only solo picks...and TWO of them!  So from the land of Ice and Snow, to the swealtering heat of Tampa Bay, Skol Vikings!!!!

Week 10 Winner - Danny!

And Big D goes back-to-back for the second time this season!  Not only that, but he broke BK's single-week win percentage of 0.923 (12/13) by going 13/14 and setting the benchmark at 0.929.  Great job!  An interesting thing happened this week, too.  Nobody fell in the standings.  Buck, Danny, and Matt all increased their rank, but nobody dropped.  Danny was the only one who made up ground on Karen this week.  She's got to hear footsteps by now.  So congratulations to Big D for 3 reasons:  winning, setting a new single-week win percentage record, and picking the best gloating song ever!  He was born to shine.

Don't forget to make your Thursday Pick.

Week 10

It's just the beginning of happy go fun day, and I'm feeling kinda Sunday (feeling kinda Sunday).  Welcome to Week 10!  Carolina is the only unanimous pick this week.  BK (BUF), Linnea (SEA), Matt (STL), and Gayle (KC) all have solo picks within the professional division...should be interesting.  This is the week that we will teach Aaron Rodgers to hate Metrodome!  So fie to the haters:  Gwen, Karen, Tommy, & Robbie!  Skol, Vikings!

Week 9 Winners - Danny & Sam!

Congrats to Big D and Mr. Emoticon.  Sam won the tiebreaker and gets his music, so I'm sure he'll throw a out there for that!  To honor the tiebreaker, I think I'll abuse some rich fonts, too!  Kremer moved up one spot and is now only 3 picks behind Karen.  Danny and Tim were the week's big movers; Danny rose 3 ranks, Tim dropped 3I would also like to point out that good ol' BK is now only 13 picks out of 11th and just missing 1st place by 27 picks...watch out, world!  And a special announcement.....please everybody welcome Robbie to the amateur division of NFL w/ g!  Make some room at the cool table.  Congrats again, Big D & Mr. Emoticon! 

Also, there is a Thursday game this week.  Please go to Thursday Pick page to submit your pick by 7 pm on Thursday!

Week 9...

Week 9 is upon us with feelings mixed. Some probs with the website are now all fixed. A sweep for the Titans makes Pack fans mad. Looks like we agree Detroit's really bad. Tommy is lonely with pick of KC. Matt thinks the Bengals will reach victory. That's all I've got for this week number 9. Off to the game so my spirit can shine. Picks are all in, time to get on a roll. To the team in purple, "Skol Vikings! Skol!"

Week 8 Winner - Kremer!

The Marshall Medic gets his first win of the year.  Now, all you NFL w/ g veterans remember last year and the historic sprint toward the end that propelled him to the overall win.  You may have to help explain to the rooks why it may be time to get nervous.  Has "Mo" decided to be best buds with the Marshall Medic again?  Time will tell.  But as for now, take your thumb, pull down your middle and ring finger, throw the pinky and pointer into the air, and "Rock and Roll."  Congrats, MM.  Up 2 spots and only 5 picks away from K-Sand.  Will she hear footprints and make a rookie mistake?????

Week 8-O-Rama!

Well...Grandpa didn't show up to rub our noses in it.  Pumpkins painted, carved, judged, and boasted.  Lefse cooked - Ufda! *gulp* Skol!  The weekend is wrapping up, but NFL with g is just getting started.  So bust out the highlighters and start calling games at 3-0 in the first quarter (Sam)!  We've been whistling all week and are ready for some new tunes.  Who will it be?  A repeater or a n00b?  I usually end the paragraph by saying Skol Vikings, but this is a week where our opponents get relief from the powerhouses on our team wearing black and white.  Ref in pocket, tongue in cheek, grab a beer, enjoy the off week.

Week 7 Winner - Garner!

Grandpa did it!  10 was the magic number, and 10 was what he got.  I'm sure we won't hear about it this weekend, will we?  Of course he gets his win when we're all getting together.  Looking around the league, Karen is holding fast at first place, and Linnea dropped 2 more places (7 in 2 weeks, ouch!).  Tim and Kremer each gained 2 places while Sam and Danny dropped 3.  So there has been some moving and shaking in the NFL w/ g, but this week goes to Grandpa!  So give him a pat on the back and brace for some FACE this weekend!

Week 7 On Tap

And this is no lite week.  The Steelers, Titans, Giants, and Jets are all unanimous picks.  Get your own ideas, people!  And what's with Kremer, Matt, Linnea and 48?  Grandpa used his 37 again...stick with tradition.  First place Karen and second place Gwen differ on 5 picks.  That should be an interesting battle this week.  Have a good one and Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winner - Gayle!

And the Commish - a.k.a. g-Unit - shows the league what's what!  While 10/14 isn't anything to make you do the Icky Shuffle, as the Vikes know, a W is a W.  There are some interesting notes for the week.  Poor Linnea took one to the chin and dropped five ranks while Sam and Tim each jumped 3.  Karen is hanging onto her lead - now over 2nd place Gwen.  But amateur division juggernaut Tommy can still point to the scoreboard without saying a word.  So as Mr. Bowie invites us, "Let's Dance."  Shake it like a Polaroid picture, get down tonight, shake your moneymaker, and drop it like it's hot.  I know I've got something more to say.  How about you?  See you at Trash Talk.

Week 6 is a Go!

What has two thumbs and picked against the Giants?  BK (pointing my two thumbs at my face), nice to meet you!  I did my coin flip method and made my picks quickly - heads for home, tails for away - but when I went back to check my picks, they didn't match up.  But I stuck with the first flip no matter what.  I'm a little nervous that Grandpa and I both picked Oakland like we both picked KC last week.  It looks like everyone agrees on Washington over St. Louis, but other than that there are no other unanimous votes.  Also of note, Danny and Karen differ on 4 picks this week...maybe some more shuffling among the top?  As for life at the ocean floor, come and get me if you can!  It's a long way down, so take a deep breath.  Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winner - Karen!

And K-Sand does it again!  Batting over .700 and back in the lead, she struts and flexes amid the deafening booing from onlookers.  But what can we do?  Pick harder?  Drug her so she can't get her picks in?  Both great ideas, but the NFL w/ g is about sportsmanship (and making fun of people below .500 *cough*).  Anyway, K-Sand deferred her music selection to that amateur that is whooping all of us paid professionals.  An apt theme, "U Can't Touch This."  His bad week was missing a tie for first by 2.  Tommy has the overall lead over K-Sand by two and is flaunting his 24-pick lead over me.  Nice job to the winners!  You are all better than me.

Week 5

All picks are in, none unanimous.  This is the first week where we didn't all pick one game the same.  Should be exciting...who picked the upset???  We're pretty split for Monday Night Vikes.  Regardless of our picks, hopefully AP and the Minnesota Moving Company can step it up this week and bring home a W.  Good luck to all, and in the words of Michael Scott, "Zip it up and zip it out!"

Week 4 Winners - Buck, Danny, & Tim!

Ten Dimes, Big D, and the Savage Southpaw take a bow!  Losers take the walk, and my legs are T-I-R-E-D!  I don't have the research to back it up, but 4 picks may be the worst week ever.  Mad props to the 3 winners!  Sam gave them a run in the last games, making MNF OT even more exciting.  In the end, the Steelers pulled it off, and TD only missed the total score by two picks, earning him his "Dirty Deeds!"  All I have to say is that if the Vikes lose 2 of the next 3, Chilly has got to go!  Congratulations to Big D for taking over the top spot (and to Tommy in the amateur division leading overall)!  K-Sand needs to come back and prove she wasn't a flash in the pan!  Good job to all this week, except BK.

Week 4 Kickoff

Another week is upon us, NFL w/ g!  Should be interesting to see how the first week with a tiebreaker shapes up.  It looks like Kremer and Laura were reading the same tip book.  Anyhwo...Jillian said "sultry" in her weather report today...heh.  Week 4 is important.  The Vikes could recover to a .500 record, or we could drop to a dismal 1-3.  A win here definitely puts "Mo" on our side.  So...Go Vikes!  Go Tampa!  We need to knock the Pack down another peg!  A Purple win and a Pack loss puts 'em both at 2-2...whole new season!  Skol!

Week 3 Winners - Danny, Matt, Sam, & Tim!

Holy tied up picks, Batman!  It looks like 12 is the magic number again as Big D ties the Anderson boys:  Matt "Two Fish," Sam "Mr. Emoticon," and everyone's favorite chicken man, the Savage Southpaw!  Two Fish's win bumped him up two spots in the rankings, and Big D is now only 1 behind Rookie of the Year candidate, K-Sand.  Also showing promise for the first year award are Gwen and Linnea, turning in solid performances each week.  We also are seeing another bright spot in the amateur division from Tommy, leading the overall.  With this kind of performance, we won't be surprised if he goes pro soon and has a very promising career.  In news from the cellar, I am now all by my lonesome below .500.  With the strategy of flipping my picks failing, I guess I need to work hard to strive for mediocrity.  'Tis sad.  But pats on the back to Big D, Two Fish, Mr. Emoticon, and the Savage Southpaw!  With 13 games next week, 12 wins should be good!

Week 3

Here we go!  Another week is here, and we have new hope with the benching of T Jack.  Because of my track record the first two weeks, I took a different approach this week.  I made my picks of who I thought would win, and then I went back and flipped them all, except the Jets.  I figure, how could I do worse, right?  Well, good luck to everyone again this week and Skol Vikings!!!

Week 2 Winners - Karen & Buck!

They say tying is like kissing your sister.  Well, pucker up, you two!  K-Sand comes through again and ties Buck, TD stands for Ten Dimes!  It's early in the year, but K-Sand is definitely making a run at the Rookie of the Year title.  On a tie, I'll split the music, but Ten Dimes hasn't gotten back to me, so K-Sand's tunes are taking over.  A pat on the back goes to Garner and BK for two reasons:  1) Big movers of the week, dropping 5 places, and 2) Only ones below .500.  Some of us - including our beloved Vikes - need to step it up!  Peace!

Week 2 Kickoff

Well, welcome to an abbreviated Week 2 in NFL w/ g!  Hurricane Ike damaged the Texans roof, and the game against Baltimore has been rescheduled for November 9.  So we will only have 15 games this week.  Five picks against the Vikes this week....Oh, ye of little faith!  Should be another great week, some of these games seemed like a toss-up.  Good luck!

Week 1 Winner - Karen!

Nice week, rook!  Though her son in the amateur division had the outright high this week, K-Sand shined in her NFL w/ g debut!  Sure she picked against our beloved Vikes, but that was the clincher, and a win's a win.  So we can (and most likely will) say what we want, but K-Sand can say one thing..."Scoreboard!!"  Like 16 NFL teams, she is undefeated as of now.  Good first week, rook!

First Sunday!

All right!  The first Sunday is ready to go.  All picks are in, and before the first Sunday kickoff, we are all 100%!  Good luck to all.  Here's to pregame, and here's to Jillian!  Man, I loooove the weather!

Welcome All!

Hey!  So Gwen is hookin' up with the "in crowd" now, too!  Fantastic!  We have a great turn out this year.  The popular table has gotten so big that we need another leaf.  Glad y'all are here.  We can live the "vida without the loca"!  Let the Trash Talk commence!

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back!  Welcome back!  Welcome back to NFL w/ g!!!  Can you believe it's already football season???  The weather is cooling, the leaves are turning, and we are on the brink of a Minnesota Vikings Superbowl run!  (I know I have a disease...and I don't want the cure...Skol Vikings!)  I would like to welcome new members this year:  Garner, Matt, Linnea, and Karen.  For their sake and for a refresher, let's go over NFL w/ g basics.  1) It's called NFL w/ g because Gayle is the commissioner.  Any and all decisions go through her, and all final decisions are made by her.  Don't like it?  Don't care.  2) Pick a winner.  No point spread, just pick the winner.  Picks must be submitted before the first kickoff.  Picks will not be displayed until after deadline.  3)  You hear music???  If you are the winner, you get to pick the week's music until next kickoff.  Please no profane lyrics, and songs that rub it in everyone's collective faces are encouraged.  4) Let everyone know how great you are!  Trash Talk is the place to gloat.  Feel free to gloat like Kremer, whine like Tim, and abuse rich fonts like Sam (but we all know Sam is the king of rich fonts and smileys).  That's about it.  Suggestions are appreciated.